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This mod doesn't appear to work in newer versions, but someone else made this which is a better way to go now.

Unlocked Attachments - CET

Use any scope on any gun that has an optics mount.

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Allows you to put any scope on any gun.  Tested with each class of gun I've found.  Doesn't work on smart weapons I've found since they don't have optics mounts.

Requires: RED4ext, TweakXL

Step 1: make sure RED4ext, and TweakXL are all installed properly (* This is not always trivial!!!)

Step 2: drop the AnyScope.yaml file into your cyberpunk\r6\tweaks directory.

Game crashes on startup????  For RED4ext and TweakXL to work, there is a critical directory "red4ext" that should be in your root cyberpunk folder.  The mod manager just wouldn't create or install files into this for me, so l needed to manually install those utilities for this to work.