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Right after 1st Cinematic.
All Classes done.
WIP: All non legendary weapons made legendary max slots.

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Version 2.0

All classes will be done in time

Done : Corpo 2.1, StreetKid 2.1, Nomad 2.1 ( will continue to update as new elements of the game are unlocked )
Save right after first cinematic 

Work in Progress : All Non legendary weapons made legendary with max mods (Example : Mox submachine, or double bladed katanas)

All saves on Very Hard.
I will create additional saves that start in act 2. So you will have choice of fresh start or skip start.

No cheats on. Edit carry weight to 1200 by using Cyber Engine tweaks and entering this in the console Game.ModStatPlayer("CarryCapacity", "1200")
This save does not yet contain all recipes.

Items were looted at lvl 1 so you will need to upgrade them If you want to use them all game. 
WARNING : Do not equip quest items for now until I figure out how to fix them (once equipped can't be removed) 
They can be used once the related quest has been completed. Example : Judy's diving suit and her Gift suit

Realized thanks to this mod

Huge Thanks to Pixelrick and Seba842005

Previous method was done using time skip in shops but MANY items aren't in the shops.
This is the only method to get these items in legendary quality at this time.

Recommended Mods
Use this mod to save the skin of your V and apply it to my save games if you want to use your own V.

How to - Remove Quest Mark from items and Edit Clothes

Cyber Engine Tweaks

Please notify me of any requests I always answer.


**I wasn't planning on uploading this but I completed the game twice and was annoyed to have to play again with good looking white and green armor.
The console only spawn common items and if you do spawn epic items they don't have the correct stats.
So i went to all the vendors and bought the best looking epic gear (according to me) they could provide until I had most of the items from them. Took me about 6 hours with time skip etc so I thought I should share and save someone the trouble.

This save will be useful when New Game plus and transmog comes out as I am sure it will.

Huge array of clothing equipment iconic pistols and legendary cyberware.
All Quickhacks.
A good number of crafting specs.
For some reason this save I didn't get the GOG items no clue why, so you can add them back with console.

9999 crafting components and meds. 

Right after Act 2 begins I completed the Clouds mission where you look for Evelyn.Tapeworm Triggered. 
Have been nice to Johnny so you can get all endings if you do things right from now on.
Did the luxury clothing shop side gig as I needed access to the shop.

Setting is very hard. And you will have to mod your carry weight as you will not be able to move with everything in inventory.
Even with this boost the game is challenging as things seem to scale. But the boss fights are very easy.

If the game is too easy just lower your level with console command or WeMod.

I recommend this mod to change V's appearance if you don't like it. (you would be wrong though XD)
This V suits a lot of different hair styles.

-Extract and copy folder in zip to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077
replaces Manual Save 4

Update 1 : Removed duplicate Items, no longer need weight modification to move at least.

Update 2 : Added back the GOG Items (anyone can use them) and a few unique epics, Like mad max goggles easter egg and Braindance Facewear.

Update 3 : -Added all legendary armor sets and many crafting recipe's. ( Don't forget to check them as there are clothes in there that aren't in the inventory)
                  -Added a lot more Vendor Epics.
                  -Added legendary Knuckles and Iconic Sex toy weapon.
                  -Added Most of the best Vehicles Bought.
                  -Removed a few more duplicates. ( all items that are not epic or legendary are there for tracking purposes, they will be added later)
More Fixer Gigs had to be played to find some items.
Story and side quests still untouched.

Update 4: - Added 60 + items. No extra progression since update 3.
Almost all shop items are done. Many clothes that are in the game aren't in shops and depend on random drops or world locations. This will be the next task.

Download V1.4
Replaces Manual save 7**