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Once belonging to an heir of Arasaka, This house is looking for its third owner. It's Paradise.

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Stone Manor...
Night City's best escape.

MADE WITH OVER TWO-THOUSAND PROPS!!! - Four Months in the Making!

UPDATED: Hotfix 1.1!
  • Added large collision boxes above the mansion to make rain less visible inside house
  • Removed invisible wall on second floor
  • Updated tag to load correctly
  • Added second teleport to ground level for those struggling with the roof entrance
  • Split the downloads to make it easier to update! 

Saburo Arasaka had this manor built for his daughter but was never used before his death and was soon put on the market.  Benjamin Stone, the retired boxing champion purchased it and made it his own- but since his recent travels with his new partner, he has decided to stay closer to his family in the city and now once again, this house is looking for a new habitant! The only catch is, while Ben was away, the house went into lockdown and is still locked up. If you have the skill to unlock the doors... its yours!

This mansion has many amenities including:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Four Hot-Tubs
  • Pool-Table
  • Mood Lighting
  • Dancing Pole
  • Sun-Beds
  • Patio
  • AV Landing Pad
  • Large Entertainment Room
  • Two Braindance Machines
  • Full Gymnasium
  • Personal Shower Spa
  • Laundry/Workshop
  • Kitchen Grill
  • Vending Machines
  • Whole-Home Music
  • Basketball Court
  • A secret room! 
  • ...and more!

This house requires Appearance Menu Mod to work as it uses the AMM Prop System EXCLUSIVELY! 

The Full install package includes the teleport locations, preset, 1.5+ Colision Compatibility Patch and custom props! Please place all files in their respected locations!

Some processors including mine have “virtual cores” which can hinder the performance of Cyberpunk 2077 and that very much may be the case with the flying artifacts that can sometimes be seen. - you can adjust this with the task manager! If you open the task manager, go to the details tab and right-click on Cyberpunk 2077 and select “set affinity”- you can turn off the virtual cores here. If you have a quad-core processor, it will show 0-7 cores. Uncheck cores 4-7, as these are the virtual cores. This should increase performance and make the spazzing more infrequent!

TELEPORT HELP: Only use the teleports in the TOOLS tab, not the DECOR tab. The DECOR tab teleport will not work!

Note: This mansion uses a lot of resources, in some instances, you may encounter props flying and spazzing. I am working on a way around this. Thank you for your patience! 

Big thanks to Max, Lucie, Seracen, Axel, Prince of Llamas, Rosslin and everyone else who helped test before release!