Cyberpunk 2077

About this mod

A mix of funky clothing and other items your OC would surely turn heads with. There's no such thing as normal in Night City.

Permissions and credits
My goal is to bring funkier patterns and colors into your wardrobe. My style is out there, so I want to bring that into my mods.

I'm very into Greens & Blacks, therefore you'll be seeing plenty of those colors on my clothes.
I mainly focus on Fem V clothes, but I've been doing my best to bring more Male V clothing, as my main OC is a male.

All command codes are with their respective mod.
Not everyone is into my type of style, that's okay, just be kind.

I'm working daily to update my clothing, and fixing whatever little issues there may be.

The main mod in the archive must be installed along with one recolor at a time.

Started refitting my mods for Hyst's enhanced breasts & realistic butt mods. All credits go to them for their awesome mods.


Thanks to those who helped me get started with modding, and being patient with me while I learned. You know who you are.