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Modify Your Favorite Player Vehicles!
All in a physical location!
With Native UI!!!

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Car Modification Shop - CMS
Ever felt like your car or bike need a bit more oomph?
Need to weave through traffic as you fight your way through Night City?
Then I would like to welcome you, to the Night City's first upgrade shop!


The mod has its own NATIVE UI!
Simply Drive into the Car Garage marker with a PLAYER OWNED Vehicle!
All Upgrades are saved within your save file!

Make sure you use a PLAYER VEHICLE one with a symbol on top of the vehicle,
if the symbol is not there respawn the car, or you will not be able to upgrade.

Physical location:
Northside - Watson
Top Right of the map
(Dynamic filter will only show when you zoom in)

  • Q: Is it compatible with Let There Be Flight/Vehicle Customizer
  • A: No. I will not make them compatible as it would have to account for other people's changes at all times. 
  • Q: I was a V1.0.0/1.0.1 user and have lost my upgrades how can I compensate:
  • A: All users previous to 1.0.2 will loose their upgrading to 1.0.2 or higher, you should be given a nice compensation, but if that's not enough for you - Here is a command for money in CET (simply copy and paste this into your CET console) (change 50000 to how much you want to gain):
    Game.AddToInventory("", 50000)

  • Q: The UI has respawned after I upgraded the car, why is that?
  • A: This is a feature-bug that I simply left in to reduce the chances of it breaking anything for anyone

  • Q: I just bought a car and cannot upgrade it! What do I do?
  • A: Simply go more than 100m from the car or blow it up with grenades, then respawn it from the garage.
    The reason for this is very convoluted, but in general its a bug/feature in the game itself, ask CDPR to fix it, I simply cannot.

  • Q: Can I upgrade some Stage 1 parts then upgrade to Stage 2 and 3?
  • A: Yes, you can upgrade parts going from any stages, some upgrades from lower stages may be overwritten,
    but since some upgrades are only for lower stages, they may not be overwritten and still give you that boost in performance

  • Q: But Erok, this does not have any visual upgrades, you lazy modder why not?
  • A: Yes

  • Q: Does this work for Bikes?
  • A: Yes it works for both cars and bikes

  • Q: I can't find the shop, where is it?
  • A: It should be on your map, its in top right corner of watson, a Map Pin should be visible on your map.
    You must have the 'NCPD scanner' filter enabled in your map to see the Map Pin
    Try installing without Vortex if you still cannot see it (Vortex sometimes does weird things).

  • Q: Does this work with Cyber Vehicle Overhaul and any other vehicle mods?
  • A: Yes. Unless someone specifically makes something to make this not work with their mod, it should work with any kind of mod

  • Q: I cannot upgrade a car I grabbed off the street, WHY:
  • A: This mod works ONLY with PLAYER CARS

  • Q: Will the modifications I do stay even if I uninstall the mod and reinstall it later:
  • A: The modified vehicles should persist even if you uninstall the mod,so yes even if you uninstall it today, but want to come back to it after a month,the same save file should still be able to upgrade the car to your liking

  • Q: Wow this is so cool, can I copy your code for my project:
  • A: You cannot copy or modify this mod or anything to do with it, it also uses CET-KIT by Psiberx, if you want something specific from the code ask me, its very possible I will just outright help you (if I don't reply you cannot use anything!)

  • Q: Does this mod save directly to the save file:
  • A: Yes this mod saves directly to save file in the safest way possible (save facts)
  • Q: Can this mod brick my savefile:
  • A: No. There is no possible way I could think of this could brick a save file, but in the occurance that something will break when using the mod, you can try one of the fixes in the FIXES section

  • Q: This mod does not work for me:
  • A:
    1. Make sure you have latest CET (Sometimes the game gets random hotfixes, always update CET first!!!)
    2. Make sure other mods are not conflicting with this mods
    3. Install the mod manually without Vortex
    4. Write thoroughly, which part is not working in the bug section, or look into FIXES section


1. ARCH Bike Sound breaks if you upgrade it sometimes.
FIX: get off the bike and get back on it every upgrade, or just destroy and respawn the bike...
If you know anyone from CDPR's audio division, please tell them to fix the sound bank for this bike because the amount of times people talked about it is absurd XD

In the very unlikely occurance that the mod will break on your save file (which I did everything possible to make sure that doesn't happen),
here are some possible fixes and ideas:

2. If Your save file is somehow broken because of this mod OR
You cannot upgrade any vehicle OR
Game crashes when upgrading vehicles:

    Uninstall the mod for now, enter the save file, then type this into the CET console:
    CName.add("CMS_AmountVehicleToUpgrade") Game.SetFactValue("CMS_AmountVehicleToUpgrade", 0)

    This will set the amount of upgraded vehicles to 0, removing all of your upgraded cars
    Then simply save the game, quit the game, and reinstall the mod

    If you are still having crashes with the mod, you can always just uninstall it completely, or report it to me and I'll try to help you out


This mod requires Cyber Engine Tweaks
Simply extract the zipped folder into the MAIN GAME FOLDER 
Or the specific mod folder into: "Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods"



Psiberx - For so many things about this project, including CET-KIT, this guy is an absolute legend, without him you probably wouldn't be seeing this mod in such a format, and it certainly would not have its own UI.
Kratoes - For being making the physical location of the shop a bit more lively!
KeanuWheeze (NexusGuy999) - For helping out with many bits of this project, and being one of the best CET modders
Neurolinked - For producing that beautifully crafted poster for this mod, helping out design UI and generally bringing me up when I was angry at this project, and many more things like the custom javelina paint
WopsS - For telling me to finally finish this
SilverEzredes - For helping out with improving the UI and its structure
Spicy - For making this badass banner for the mod and also helping out with some UI structure ideas
DoctorPortal - For making me a private mod that was keeping me a bit more sane between developing the mod ;)
Halvkyrie - For helping me out by giving me the template for the mod page, and just for being a royal badass

To all the people who translated for me 
My unnamed friends who prepared some of the other files

And to whomever I forgot, Thank you everyone :)

The entire mod-general of Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord Server, for asking me what is CMS ;)

All my testers:
Unnamed Friend - Whom I know doesn't like being added to listed mentions for some reason, but has tested for me thoroughly ;)
KeanuWheeze (NexusGuy999)