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About this mod

Simple .exe file which automatically selects your latest save file ready to be changed. This Updater can change hairstyle as well as some facial features.

Sadly I'm not able to update it anymore, I know it's missing stuff but most of it is not my fault and not possible without a complete rework of the backend, I'm sorry.

Permissions and credits
This mod is not updated anymore. I made it as a holiday project and I don't have time to update and further develop it, I am sorry. So use at your own risk, it should still work in most cases, but I imagine you'd run into errors especially with male Vs. There's another mod where you can carry over the appearance from save to save so you just have to make a new character and move over the appearance. I suggest you look into this option rather than using my mod :)
Thank you so much for your support until this point, wouldn't have never dreamt of my first mod being that popular! ❤️

I probably won't be able to wirte a lot of code since I'm back at work since this week (this mod was more like a holiday project for me). Use this tool instead:!

Latest Update

Major Bug Fix Update v2.3 !
Big thanks to blakwerk and Arthas110 for the save files that pointed me into the right direction and sukavvyut for hinting a problem with the file encoding!

Update your hairstyle and some facial features with the click of a button!
(as it should've been implemented from the start)

Sick of manually editing your save file to change hairstyle? This simple program will do it for you!
Download, open .exe, click load, select new hairstyle, update. If even automatically detects the hairstyle (and facial features) you have selected 

Changing facial features
If you want to change facial features, tick the box below the group. This will only work if you have a feature selected which is not the default one.


1. Download .zip file
2. Extract the folder (make sure it is on your "User" directory where the save files are located, or manually select your savegame folder)

    3. Make sure to keep all dll files in the same folder with the .exe!
    4. Open .exe 
    5. Enjoy

Usage Instructions
  1. Click load (if the button doesn't show, then the filepath does not contain a save file and you have to select manually)
  2. Select changes
  3. click update and finish

To do
  1. Find a way to implement Haircolor
  2. Find a way to implement everything else
  3. Spend a lot of time on this project only for CDPR to finally implement it

Known bugs
If you report a bug, make sure to include the save game file so I can check it out :)

If used in conjunction with other mods that alter the appearance, it might not work reliably or work at all. 


Special Thanks to @Sorrow for the facial feature codes and @SirBitesalot for the savegame decompression tool