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my take on a fix for HDR since the coloring of hdr is weak

this fix is for HDR PQ Only

for instalation read the description

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*description update 01/01/2012*

do not self promote or try and bury someone elses creation this hdr reshade was created on a Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor which is hdr 600
for those that it isnt obvious to this is a color fix this isn't a luminescence or shadow fix as my monitor doesnt suffer from that issue in hdr it suffers from washed out colors with a grayish tone to everything due to how windows handles hdr when enabled in windows itself when the monitor uses the build in hdr of a game it actualy is beautiful and works how it should but it doesnt work the same in windows hdr while hdr movies are displayed properly games just arent

so to clarify agian this is to fix the washed out colors with grayish tone created by windows hdr this isnt a fix for luminescence or shadows as these were never the issue on my monitor

apparently i had to make this clear since someone i removed the comment of in the comment section clearly dident get the purpose of this reshade by its name nor the other comments in the comment section

to make it also clear this is a fix i made for myself and for others to download its not a fix i made for others and for me to download it this fixes a issue i have with the game hdr its a added bonus if this fixes the problem for others

instalation :

step 1 : download reshade from

step 2 : open the reshade setup file you just downloaded from their site then click on the "click here to select a game and manage its reshade instalation" then navigate to your cyberpunk folder then bin folder and then x64 and select "cyberpunk2077.exe" then click on the directx 10/11/12 it wil pop up downloadable filters for reshade just select all and go through them unless you only want to get the required filters in the summary

step 3 : download the Cyberpunk 2077 HDR Color Fix UI Friendly and unpack it in the x64 folder where the cyberpunk2077.exe is

step 4 : activate hdr in windows if you have a hdr capable monitor then launch the game and turn on "HDR PQ" in the video settings at the hdr mode

step 5 : press the "home" key on your keyboard and change the default to "Cyberpunk 2077 HDR Color Fix"

reshade required filters : prod80_01_Color_Gamut, Prod80_04_SelectiveColor, Prod80_04_SelectiveColor v2, Prod80_03_Shadows_Midtones_Highlights, Amd FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, MagicHDR

step 6 : enjoy

tip incase its not to your preference prod80_04_SelectiveColor mainly increases the reds so disabling it wil resolve overexposure of reds v2 is responsible for most color fixes

if the game is too dark for you up the tonemap to around 2 and 3