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Improves flexibility of limbs, resulting in a greater variety of final poses and more natural animation. Also fixes vanilla collision issues that caused some NPC models to bend one leg backward in an unnatural angle. Compatible with update 1.5 of Cyberpunk.

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Video showcase of version 1.2

Vanilla Cyberpunk has very stiff ragdoll that almost always ends up in a boring A-pose. There's also a self-collision issue with most NPC models which causes one leg to be pushed straight backwards in defiance of gravity.

This mod fixes the self-collision issues on all NPC models and also increases limb flexibility to a degree that allows for a greater variety of final poses and procedural animations, as well as improved scenery interaction and animation transitions.

This mod does not modify frequency of death animations, only the ragdoll when it occurs. It is compatible with patch 1.5 of Cyberpunk.

Your feedback is extremely welcome. This mod is still under development. I recommend also installing my other mod, More Blood Splatters, to make combat more visceral.


FROM 1.2 ONWARDS: Just extract it to your main Cyberpunk directory.

FROM 1.1 BACKWARDS: Extract the contents of the .zip file into the folder Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod


- Knees can still bend the wrong way, although it happens way less often now. This is a vanilla issue.

- NPCs still feel somewhat weightless because Cyberpunk's gravity is set too low. I haven't yet been able to figure this one out, since mass or velocity parameters are not included in the ragdoll configurations.

- NPCs can still end up in unnatural poses, propping themselves up with their limbs. This is due to the gravity issue; in real life, gravity would flatten bodies against the ground to a much greater degree than in Cyberpunk.

- The hands can clip lightly into the abdomen. This is because for some godforsaken reason the abdomen of NPCs has no self-collision with the hands and forearms. The flexibility settings have been configured to minimize the clipping, but it can still occur.


Version 1.1

- Added NPC model that was missing from previous version. Flexibility settings and wonky leg fix have been applied.

Version 1.2:

- Improved neck flexibility to dangle more believably.

- Made torso bones more flexible. Ragdolls are now "danglier", which gives them more "bounce" and the illusion of weight.

- Made thighs and knees less flexible to stop ragdolls from crumpling in on themselves in weird ways.

- Slightly increased collision capsule size on thighs to prevent too many instances of NPCs ending up with their legs crossed.

- Made manual installation easier, and enabled Vortex installation.

- Added a (hastily edited) video showcase.