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Enables the player to use weapons while driving and overhauls the police system to create frequent vehicle chases and combat.

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Installation Instructions:
  1. Download Cyber Engine Tweaks
  2. Download Redscript
  3. Download Native Settings UI
  4. Download Red4ext
  5. Download Input Loader
  6. Install this mod and drop the contents into your Cyberpunk 2077 folder


Compatible with Corrupt NCPD 

Compatible with Better Netrunning, but you will need to enable it in the options menu.

If you've got a controller, you might not want the player weapons part as there aren't enough buttons for you. There is an option in the Vehicle Combat options menu to disable/enable player driver combat.

Incompatible with main version, but not version that only enables weapons while driving:

Demo Video

Drone Companions

In addition to just the player using weapons in your vehicle, the mod Drone Companions will allow you to have companions in or around your vehicle that will help you fight off enemies. See a demo video below.

Enabling Combat While Driving

There was some functionality in the game's code to enable the player to use weapons while driving. It looks like it was disabled, but thanks to some workarounds, it has now been mostly restored. The player can now:

  • Equip and aim all ranged weapons when driving any vehicle.
  • Equip and use melee weapons when driving any vehicle.
  • Use inhalers and injectors when driving, even without a weapon equipped.
  • Aerondights and Caliburns are now supported for the above by opening/closing their doors when a weapon is equipped (as they don't have windows.)
  • You can now ram into enemy vehicles with a chance to kill it's passengers. The larger the hit, the more likely it is to kill the passengers.

Police System Rework

The police system in the base game says that attacking a cop or killing a civilian triggers the police to spawn on foot behind the player. This system has been entirely reworked, and here's the breakdown below:

  • Crowd NPC's will call the police when the player commits crimes. Such as firing into a crowd, driving extremely recklessly (can still drive a bit recklessly without consequence), carrying bodies around, etc.
  • Many enemies have a new ability that lets them call for backup. This was a cut ability called "Call Reinforcements", and has animations and decision making. A bar, similar to uploading a quickhack, will appear over their head so you can see how close the call is to being finished, as well as who is making the call. These can be interrupted by various effects, such as Sonic Shock, EMPs, Memory Wipe, and knocking the enemy over.
  • When an enemy finishes calling for backup, a star will be added to the system, and backup enemies will arrive. These backup enemies will be of their respective faction. As V's stars increase, more difficult enemies arrive and in greater numbers.
  • These backup enemies now arrive in vehicles, and will chase the player.
  • Attacking cops and killing civilians no longer directly triggers stars. Although both cops and civilians can call for the police.
  • At 4 stars, MaxTac will arrive instead. The security turrets will enable as well. No further calls will be made once MaxTac has arrived. MaxTac will kill both the player, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the way. Militech instead of MaxTac arrives in the Badlands. 
  • Massive improvements to MaxTac. In the base game, there is only one type of MaxTac enemy. This mod adds 5 others, including a Mantis enemy, Sniper, Shotgunner, Heavy, and Netrunner. In addition, MaxTac's stats have been increased and they have new abilities. What makes them particularly dangerous is they now have a special ability that allows them to rapidly regenerate health.
  • Enemies can use much more weapons when in vehicles. Previously it was limited to rifles and handguns, but now all of their ranged weapons may be used. In addition, netrunners can hack you when they're in a vehicle.
  • Many improvements to the spawning, AI, chase mechanics, and other aspects of these backup enemies.

Adjust HP of all Vehicles

In the base game, most vehicles have the same health, regardless if it's a Makigai MaiMai or a Rayfield Aerondight. This has been changed so that vehicles that seem like they would be more durable, are. All health has been adjusted, but here's some general guidelines as to how much health a vehicle will have.

  • Larger vehicles have more health.
  • Nomad vehicles have more health.
  • Police vehicles have more health.
  • The Rayfield Caliburn and Aerondight have more health.
  • Special vehicles, like the Delamain, Jackie's tuned arch, and Beast have more health.

Important Notes, Known Issues, and Limitations

  • Grenades and projectile launcher can't be used while driving. I'll try to figure this out in the future.
  • Reload animations will display out of sight, and most don't have sound. Still reload just fine, but you can't see it happening.
  • Melee animations for dual wield melee weapons can be slightly janky. One hand is on the wheel/handle, so attacking with both hands can look a bit weird. Still correctly attacks however. This includes Fists, Mantis Blades, Monowire, and Gorilla Arms.
  • Only open world, gig, and police scanner mission enemies, and crowd npc's will call for backup. The main missions and major side missions are heavily scripted and I didn't want to mess anything up about them. Also, most of these missions have some type of hardcoded backup as is. Meaning, this mod shouldn't break many/any quests.
  • Scopes mess with the aiming when in driver combat mode. Scopes don't get accounted for when in vehicle combat, still figuring this one out.

This mod was made possible thanks to great people like:
Psiberx, for knowing everything and being generous enough to share their knowledge.
Jekky, for making redscript
keanuWheeze, for making Native Settings UI and letting me use some of his code
Everyone on the modding discords for the help and support