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Overhauls V's apartment with a clean, kitschy sci-fi style! Highly customizable + five phases to progress through + mostly Nibbles and memorabilia friendly

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Night City Nova Apartment is a visual overhaul of V's starting home. The theme begins simple with a sleek white and black reskin, then expands through four phases of increasing detail that you can choose from. This offers a progressive lifestyle experience and the opportunity to decorate as much as you want (for those who enjoy housing with AMM).

Of course, you can always just start with phase 5 and get the whole experience up front.

PHASE 1 - The basic reskin, shouldn't clip with Act 1 story, mostly empty so you can add anything you want

Adds new furniture to the apartment including tables, chairs, and a bar, with space for fine detail

Adds various small prop details for a more lived-in feel

Adds a few luxuries including a fishtank in V's bedroom, bar upgrades, and a birb(?) friend

PHASE 5  -
Adds vibrant neon accents to bring out the full Nova experience

This is my most vanilla-friendly apartment so far. Nibbles should be free to roam and I believe there's only one location he might get lost in... such is life with catte. Most of the memorabilia should also be visible, mainly excluding the posters.  There's a laptop in each phase that you can use and a radio on the wall behind the couch (you may have to scoot onto the couch to reach it). The base TV can be accessed in phase 5 by selecting the Nova Apartment - Secret TV option, so you can channel surf at will. Also note that this apartment works well with the V's Apartment Renovation mod, the only thing you can't customize is the office chair, which is buried (to change the pouf chair you have to go into AMM's Decor tab, then Saved Props, type 'Pouf' in the search box and click remove on the three props that show up).

Let me know if you see any clipping or oddities and I'll do my best to clean it up.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you decorate V's apartment using these templates, remember to regularly backup the json file you're working on. If something happens you could lose everything you made.

Thanks to the CET and AMM gods!

>> Kofi tips now accepted and appreciated! <<

INSTALL   (Check the video section if you prefer visual support)

Make sure you have CET and AMM installed and updated

2. Download the Nova Apartment Core file. Unzip/rar, choose the phases you want and drop their JSON files into
the Decor folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks

3. Put the LUA file (proximas_propshop_v3.lua) in the Custom Props folder:
Cyberpunk2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\AppearanceMenuMod\Collabs\CUSTOM PROPS

    4. Put the ARCHIVE file (proximas_propshop_v3.archive) in the Mod folder:

    5.OPTIONAL: Set up V’s Apartment Renovation. Follow the instructions and choose which parts of the apartment you want to customize: pouf chair, cylinder chair, bathroom rug, couch, fan, and braindance machine are your options; a few structural elements may also be affected by your couch choice. I used the black/white options for basically everything.

    6. When you enter the game, use your CET hotkey. You should see the AMM menu on your screen, click the Decor tab and then click the Presets tab. Select Nova Apartment from the dropdown box (if you have multiple phases installed you can cycle through them).

    NOTE: Make sure you only have v3 of the archive and lua files installed. Older versions will clash, but these are the same as the corpo apartments.


1. GAME CRASH ON LAUNCH: Ensure your AMM and CET installs are up to date and working. The majority of crashes and problems result from missing/outdated/misplaced files. You may need to fully delete any old versions and do a fresh install.

2. APARTMENT DOESN'T CHANGE: Check to see if the json file you're using is 1kb. If so, you've been hit by a bug, replace with a fresh copy.

3. OVERSIZED PROPS: seems to happen when loading saves while already in-game, rebooting the game will fix it

4. NO AMM DECOR TABS / AMM CRASH:  something's wrong with the AMM install, delete all files associated with it and reinstall AMM + apartment files, also ensure the proximas propshop lua and archive files are in the right place

NOTE: AMM was updated on January 25th, and the new version may fix the 1kb
bug. Please take a look at updating if you're encountering this issue.