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Changes face cyberware option n1 for Rogue's cyberware, two variants and multiple colors. NEW VERSION: Fully map customizable

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Replaces cyberware option 1 for Rogue's face cyberware, in multiple colors and two variants, short and long.
Use one archive at a time, it can conflict with Kala's cyberware colors, so if you have them make sure to pull them out.


Choose your own combination of maps! You want it with a metal shine? Choose the Full Metal option! You want it not so shiny? Just choose a lesser metal map with more Roughness instead! You want normals over either of the areas? You can pick what you want! Maybe you prefer them with a sticker effect, so no normals also available!
Lots of combinations posible, from fully applied, to not applied at all. From only getting applied over the Line, to only getting applied over the Metal bit instead. Don't want to go all the way? No worries! There's also a half applied version.
Maps from V1 also included.
Experiment for the perfect look, but remember to always have one of each map installed.
You need to have a combination of 5 files to ensure it works.
Base - Color - Normals - Roughness - Metal
Refer to original pictures for color reference.

Full: Fully applied
None: doesn't get applied
Half: 50% Applied
HalfL: 50% Applied over Line
HalfM: 50% Applied over Metal
HalfFL: Fully applied over Line, 50% applied over Metal

I hope you get the gist at this point.

- Installation -
1. Pick the archive option(s) you want and place in  *:\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
2. Create the folder if you don't have one.

To uninstall, simply erase the mod(s) from the folder or move somewhere else for safekeeping.

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