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Much more accurate/precise driving possible, and somewhat more realistic - you can almost counter-steer!

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Disables all steering interpolation we can in ini. Reduces sticktion. 

I keep seeing people say "the driving is too icy", no, high performance cars in real life easily spin and oversteer with weight transfer. Please go out and drive. 

The problem is that counter-steering through is not possible because of interpolation/damping - i.e. when you attempt to countersteer and the car just snaps to and starts spinning in the opposite direction. 

This mod aims to remedy the lack of counter-steering as much as I could with just the ini, not to gimp the handling to always understeer like some are suggesting is the solution. 

Tested mostly with Caliburn, Shion Coyote, Galena Gecko.

(Makes motorcycle handling much worse :( sorry)

To install: Unzip, drag 'engine' folder to the main Cyberpunk 2077 folder. 
To uninstall: Delete Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc\vehiclehandling.ini