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Stop unprovoked attacks out of the blue!

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The game v1.5 fixes the bugs the mod was crafted to patch in v1.31 so it's no longer needed.

Warning: this mod is not compatible with the new game. DO NOT USE it with the game 1.5+
As the mod is not needed anymore I'm not going to update it unless I'll find it necessary.

Thank you all who downloaded the mod and found it useful in the game v1.31 :)

A stealth quest ruined by a false early detection?
Can't save the game due to unexpected Combat mode out of the blue?
Gangsters "see you through walls" setting up a fight against you?
Combat alarms with no enemy in vicinity?
Crowd in panic running away from you for no reason?

If this is the case this mod is for you.

What it does:

It patches some game bugs restoring normal game behavior in the cases if possible.
In effect it patches most common false combat or panic cases.

What it doesn't do:

It does not grant you invisibility, immunity, neither impunity.
It is not intended to give you 'an edge'.
It doesn't prevent NCPD unprovoked attacks - I have a separate mod to cover this specific bugs pattern.
It is not intended not cover any unexpected combat case as not all of them are false.
It does not cover all false combat cases yet. Say about 1% of less significant cases is still not covered.

How to use it:

The mod requires the CET: Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform v1.18.1 minimal.
The mod works fully automatic, just install it and you're done.

You may also be interested in my other mods patching some common gameplay and user interface issues:

Dot No More and - no Sticky Crosshair - no sticky Subtitles - no sticky Progress Bar - no Shard sticky hum
Stop NCPD attacks
Hovering Vehicles fix
Stop spammers
HUD Fixes - fix disappearing HUD element and quest dialogs

Install or update:


- download the zip archive and extract
- drop the extracted "bin" folder into "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077" folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


- use Vortex Manager in the Hardlink Deployment mode: SETTINGS>MODS>Deployment Method>Hardlink Deployment [Apply&confirm]

  If you cannot switch to the Hardlink Deployment you may need to change the so called staging folder location in the Vortex settings.
  Thanks to Simozz141 for the tip!



- remove "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\stop_false_attacks" folder.


- use Vortex Manager


Credits go to psiberx for the Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform development support, code libraries, expertise and a lot of patience to answer all my dumb questions :)
And the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding CET scripting community - thanks a lot guys!