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car/bike handling\driving

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A vehicle handling mod

When CP77 first came out the driving model was atrocious. This mod was an effort to correct that, and was mildly successful.

Now ver 1.5 of the game has addressed many of the previous issues, and added other stuff like handbrake turns, finally.
Having said that, personally I still found it a bit.. squirrelly.

Ver 15:
When CP77 patch 1.5 dropped it broke this mod. CDPR claimed to have fixed driving.
Yes but no. Better than original, but still needed improvement. Unfortunately they borked some of the physics which broke this mod.
I changed this mod to work with 1.5. CDPR has since done several 'stealth' patches, including restoring the older physics.
Thus I have restored physics too, so:

Drifting and sliding changes.
Bikes can wheelie of the line again{hold handbrake, rev up, drop handbrake}

Of course, this does mean that vehicles.. bounce more. If you can't handle it, go back to ver 14 under Optional files.



This mod was tested without any mods that make changes to controls.

e.g. Using any mod that increases or decreases throttle/steering can/will effect this mod.

No, I won't make adaptations.
This mod works fine without any of that.

Either extract manually to the Cyberpunk 2077 directory, or use Vortex.
File is in correct format. This mod does NOT go in the Mod folder, even after 1.2 change.
Delete the file if you don't like the changes.