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Cyberpunk with.. sunny weather? No thanks

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Will not work with any other mod that changes "cp2077_master_env_nge_v002.env". 
What this does essentially is change "sunny" and "light clouds", which are the 2 most "forced" weathers in the game, to rain effects. Should be constant rain across the entire map (even the annoying places that never worked before like the Nomad prologue starting area). Some parts of the story have scripted weathers that can reset the rain, but if it for some reason doesn't go back to rain on it's own right away, just visit Roy Batty (Blade Runner Easter Egg Reference Location) and it should revert back to rain. Occasionally there can be a flash of sun/clouds when traveling to northside or badlands that (should) immediately revert back to rain on it's own.

Meant for use with BR2077 Finer Rain's textures which look WAY better than vanilla rain & also fixes the rain flickering that 1.31 introduced. Wet roads fix & ~30% volumetric fog coverage settings are included, along with disabling chromatic aberration, vignette, and forced sharpening from within the .env file. Also volumetric fog tweaked to fix the stupid neon light beams going up to the sky. Screenshots taken with E3 Visual Overhaul

IMPORTANT: Before installing the mod, unless you are starting a new game, load the save you want to have constant rain, then skip time until it rains on it's own (skipping with Appearance Menu Mod is easiest), save the game, then install the mod. From then on, the rain should stay.

Install Instructions: Download and extract .archive file, then place it in "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod"