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Better car/bike handling\driving, better traffic

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A vehicle handling/traffic mod

Stop driving on ice, stop bouncing like jelly. Drift like a fart, make crashing an art.

The games vehicle handling sucked on release.
Some mods were made to correct this but I wasn't that happy with them.
One mod in particular, from wghost81, perked my interest, and I posted a tweak for it in that mods comments section,
as the author had invited people to do.
The mod was then deleted, so..

I used that mod as a base, but also used stuff from the Ini Settings mod by stoker25.
Over time I've improved? on it, and it's now in it's 4th iteration.
Bad things will happen.
If you really must, then use Notepad and sort it out yourself.

Ver 4 details:
File name changed. Delete old version first!
Warning!! This is NOT like before!

Vehicle handling is VERY different now. You WILL need time to adapt to it as cars AND bikes
behave quite differently with this version.
Specifically: They almost behave like (gasp) real cars. You WILL need the handbrake for drifting.
Normal cars no longer spin out under normal accelaration. More powerful cars like the Avenger can still 'step out', but nothing like they used too.
Bikes: They're better than before, but I seriously believe that no-one at CDPR has EVER ridden a motorcycle in their lives
as no bike rider would sign off on the absolute nonsense way bikes behave in this game. Skidding at low speed is now much improved, but at high speed, well, nothing but an immense code change is gonna fix that crap.

Only small traffic changes in this version, but NPC vehicles getting stuck on road joints is still happening.

nOn-oPTIONaL Optional file:
There's a file under Optional.'s pretty much mandatory.
This file lowers the amount of steering input for both keyboard and controller.
The main file depends on it in order for the mod to behave the way I intended it to.
This WILL overwrite any key remapping mods, so you'll need to edit your own
with notepad and change the steering yourself if you've remapped controls.. Here's the section:
<!-- VEHICLES -->
    <mapping name="LeftX_Axis_Vehicle" type="Axis" >
        <button id="IK_Pad_LeftAxisX" />
        <button id="IK_D" val="0.75" overridableUI="vehicleSteerRight"/>
        <button id="IK_A" val="-0.75" overridableUI="vehicleSteerLeft"/>

If they're not 0.75, change 'em.
Feel free to experiment, but remember, the lower you go, the less you'll be able to turn.

This mod doesn't make your car/bike faster.
Believe me I tried.
I don't think that's possible at this time, maybe with another update, or some modding tool release.
Same goes for individual vehicle changes, and there's no seperate settings for cars/bikes.

Either extract manually to the Cyberpunk 2077 directory, or use Vortex.
Delete the file if you don't like the changes.