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Stop NCPD attacking you for no reason!

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Compatible with the game v1.5+ with the corresponding CET version.
Game patches 1.6 through 1.62 positively verified.


Have you ever been attacked by NCPD out of the blue?

You just scout the city peacefully and all of sudden all the hell breaks lose with heavy police forces fiercely attacking you from everywhere around.
All the drones, city turrets even MaxTac!
Even if you're lucky to escape they keep chasing you and stage "no go" zones traps.
Or you just hit a thug attacking civilians as you're supposed to do as a "good guy" only to find yourself under police attack.

Can't complete a quest because of hostile police officers sticking in the quest zone calling reinforcements?
Effectively barring you from reaching your quest objective?

If this is the case this mod is for you.

What it does:

if an attack comes from game bugs:

In the automatic mode it calls off an attack and turns remaining police officers friendly if possible.
This also clears a no-go zone if you stumbled upon one.
The automatic mode protects you against false attacks only (attacks resulting from the game bugs).
If you disable the automatic mode the manual attack suppression allows you to call off an attack with a button/hotkey press and pacify remaining offenders if it's still possible.

if the attack comes from your crimes:

The automatic protection is suspended till you settle things with the Police and bystanders.
The manual attack suppression tries to bribe the NCPD Prevention Manager officer to turn a blind eye on your crimes and call off the attack.
By Anyswayze idea.

There are some rules to the bribing though:

1. There is no rules in the ruthless world of the Night City - if you pay and find yourself still pursued then don't complain it's unfair.
After all you were unfair in the first place ;-) Wasn't you? Falsely accused? Bad luck then...

2. Cops Will Be Cops - if you kill a cop don't expect another cop to take your dirty money to cover it. The Prevention Manager will shut down your communication channel and you'll be left alone to deal with your mess.

3. It's pricey - it starts with €$1200 and grows with your crime record (wanted status -> stars count) and your Reputation level.
Recidivists pay even more on top of that.
On the other hand your Intelligence level will help you to negotiate a slight discount.

4. If you can't pay it you will only infuriate the police officer adding even more to the bounty on your head. Don't even try it if you're running low on money.

5. Even if you get cleared some other police department officers may be present at the crime scene that don't report to the Prevention Manager so they don't follow his orders. Moreover: the attack and your activity may set other nearby NPCs against you like Trauma Team members or gangs for example.
They don't get paid so it's up to you how to handle it.

My best advice is: pay and run.

What it doesn't do:

it does not grant you immunity nor impunity and NCPD still keeps your felony record in its database so behave ;-)
It doesn't prevent other unprovoked attacks.

How to use it:

The mod requires CET: Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform v1.18.1 minimal.
The mod works fully automatic, just install it and you're done.
However if you prefer manual control it allows to disable automatic mode and call off an ongoing attack with a hot key.

Note: the manual attack suppression may require a couple of key presses and sometimes you may still need to escape the remaining hostile police or other NPCs set to fight against in the attack aftermath.
The manual mode may not help to break attack loops resulting from the game bugs - you may need to re-enable the automatic mode in this case.

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Install or update:


- download the zip archive and extract
- drop the extracted "bin" folder into "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077" folder. Allow to overwrite files if asked.


- use Vortex Manager in the Hardlink Deployment mode: SETTINGS>MODS>Deployment Method>Hardlink Deployment [Apply&confirm]

 If you cannot switch to the Hardlink Deployment you may need to change the so called staging folder location in the Vortex settings.
Thanks to Simozz141 for the tip!



- remove "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\stopNCPD" folder.


- use Vortex Manager


Credits go to psiberx for the, the Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform development support, code libraries, expertise and a lot of patience to answer all my dumb questions :)
Also to keanuWheeze for his code snippets and support .
And the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding CET scripting community - thanks a lot guys!

Special thanks to Anyswayze for his police bribing idea adding some thrill and game immersion to this mod :)