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A Mega Pack with Takemura's neck in Normal Colors, Glow Colors and Glow Pulse Colors

Permissions and credits
This pack contains several variations of Takemura's neck.

I did not put the photos of all the colors of the pack, you will discover them by yourself

Male Version

Update :

1.1 : Added Takemura Edition for Neck Uncut and Cut Version ( in Optional files )

Normal Version and Cut Version

Normal Colors :

- Black
- Blue
- Blue Sky
- Gold
- Green
- Green Lime
- Pink
- Red
- Steel
- White

Glow Colors :

- Blue
- Green
- Pink
- Red
- White

Glow Pulse Colors :

- Blue
- Gold
- Green
- Pink
- Red
- White

It can replace 3 accessories :

Aviators Glasses

Tactical Glasses

Visor Glasses

Female Only and works for Jaws 10 or long !

To Install :

Extract/Paste the .archive file into your \Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod\ folder.
If it doesn't exist, just create it.

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Credits :

Island_Dancer : Thanks for the main mod files and for teaching me how to use 010 Editor. ( this guy is awesome ) 

( I kept the structure of his mod from takemura's neck and used my files, as well as my own modified meshes in "Blender" )

AlphaZomega : Thanks for his scripts and tools.

Thanks for the .ent files which allow you to merge meshes. It's magic!

SpukaCat : Thank you for making me presentation photos, because I was lazy and I don't have your talent to take them.

Rfuzzo and his team : Thank you for making our life easier with CP77Tools.

SilverEzredes : Thanks for making such an amazing Discord community with great people who don't hesitate to help you out when you want to learn anything and for its great vibe.

Google translate : It's my daily tool to translate English because I speak French ( :D