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Interactively customize walk button, crafting speed, disassembly speed, and toggling double tap dodge movement buttons.

This differs with existing mods, in that it edits the XML files instead of replacing them.

Open source at

Permissions and credits

- Extract cyberpunk2077-r6-config-editor.exe app to the cyberpunk 2077 installation directory using 7zip.
- Execute said app.

If you wish to contribute, make a PR at App is written in Python.

Does diagonal walking work?
As of version v0.7.0 this works as expected; credits for how-to Better Controls Menu

Is it a hold-to-walk or a toggle?
hold-to-walk; if you know how to do a toggle function, please either make a post on this page, or create a relevant GitHub issue with relevant steps and/or resources.

Is it safe to run the exe?
Yes it is. Three main reasons: nexusmod automatically check all files for viruses using VirusTotal. The app is automatically built on the servers of GitHub, the most popular place were companies store the source code for their software; this app uses windows-2019 server to create the executable. Finally the source code is open source.

Where do you put the exe next to the launcher or in the game exe?
Inside the game installation folder. e.g. for steam should be something like {drive_letter}:\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077

Doesn't work for me
Use 7zip for extracting the app. Ensure you are extracting the app inside the actual game installation folder, and not your favorite game client/launcher. If this still doesn't resolve your issue, make a post or report bug on this page, writing the exact steps you're doing.

Will this work on Linux?
No, but I can easily create a build for it. I haven't done it yet, as I don't have a gaming Linux machine. If you're willing to act as a tester, create a GitHub issue. In turn, I'll set it up, and you can verify it works on your Linux machine.

Will this work on my gaming console?
No, but we could potentially create a build for it. If  you're interested, please send relevant sources, such as how other people are doing it.