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The best Reshade preset to fix TAA Bluriness, remove Green Tint, and improve overall image quality! See for yourself!

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I spent a very long time going through every Reshade setting and tweaking them to achieve what I believe is the best look for Cyberpunk. I didn’t aim to make my Reshade look purely “cinematic” or “realistic” like some others do,  but simply enhance the colors and textures to their best potential. I also wanted to fix the TAA Blurriness, Green tint, and washed-out colors which this Reshade definitely achieves.

--> I recommend putting your in-game Gamma Correction setting to 1 when using this preset. If this is too dark for your liking, you can simply lower your in-game gamma a couple notches (somewhere between 0.90 - 0.95) when using my Reshade.

--> I added an optional file which includes the same 3 presets listed below except with about 50% less sharpening. This is ideal if you're playing with no DLSS or at 4K resolution.

There a 3 Versions of this Reshade included in the main file:

- Mango’s Ultra Reshade (Default): 3-5 FPS Drop;  No RadiantGI or Ambient Light  <-- Recommended

- Mango’s Lite Reshade: 1-3 FPS Drop;  removes Clarity and all lighting enhancements, still retains everything else and looks great!

- Mango’s Super Reshade: 10-15 FPS Drop;  includes RadiantGI & Ambient Light, recommended for screenshots or slow exploration

“Green Tint” Color Corrections & Enhancements:

- Tint: The overall green tint has been removed and colors looks a lot more natural now without being too "blue" or "brown" like some other Reshades
- Levels: Shadows and dark areas are much more realistically darker now without ruining lighting and daytime. This also helps remove the “washed out” look from the game. Levels is a very lightweight and easy method to adjust white/black point without drastically altering color contrast. My main intentions were to bring more focus towards areas and objects that are actually lit. It'll now be a bit more difficult to see fine detail in rooms and alleyways that don't have any direct lighting (which I prefer since humans don't have night vision). If you find this adjustment too dark, I recommend changing your in-game gamma correction setting around 0.90-0.95.
- DPX: Bright areas such as sky and lighting are slightly brighter and higher in contrast.
- Vibrance: Overall color is slightly more saturated without being overwhelming. Meant to compliment DPX.

Lighting Enhancements:

- Bloom
: All illuminated signs and lighting have slightly more colored glow and better contrast, giving a better atmosphere to the world at night. It took me a while to get a good balance that doesn’t make the overall image look washed out or overwhelming which is usually difficult to achieve with bloom. This specific method of bloom takes about 1-2 FPS away, and is not included in the "Lite" version of my Reshade.
- RadiantGI (Only in “Super” version): Adds additional depth-based global illumination and bounce lighting similar to ray-tracing (if you're familiar with Marty McFly's RTGI, this is basically a free version of that.)
- Ambient Light (Only in “Super” version): Adds additional directional subtle soft lighting from sky and light sources.

TAA Blurriness Fix & Texture Sharpening:

- Clarity: This is being used to further remove the “washed out” look and sharpen most textures in the game. However, Clarity can take about 1-2 FPS away since it also consists of minor tweaks to ambient occlusion. Since this isn't as important as the other two sharpening methods below, Clarity isn't included in the "Lite" version of my Reshade.
- Filmic Anamorphic Sharpen: This is being used as the main method to alleviate TAA Blurriness in the whole game. This sharpens the game based on depth rather than edge detection, meaning sharpening is much more consistent with near and far textures. Another plus is that Filmic Anamorphic Sharpen is very simple and lightweight compared to other sharpening shaders that fall short in other places (such as dithering, aliasing, and depth). One minor downside to this method is that menu text looks slightly desaturated, which shouldn’t be too bothersome.
- Quint Sharp: This is being used on a smaller scale to enhance up-close texture details such as road surfaces, cracks, etc.  


Here's a quick tutorial how to install Reshade if you don't have it already: 

1) After installing Reshade and downloading my preset, you can choose one of my 3 included reshade presets that you want. Then simply drag and drop the "bin" folder into your game folder. Accept the replace prompt if it pops up.

2) After installing your Reshade preset of choice to your Cyberpunk folder, open the game, press home on your keyboard to open Reshade, click on the blue bar at the top where it says "ReshadePreset", then click on "Mango's Ultra Reshade" (or whichever one you chose), then click select. And you're done!


1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Deleted unused shaders, file size is now much smaller. Added optional "Less Sharpen" presets for use with no DLSS or 4K resolutions on Nexus page.
1.2 - Reduced overall sharpening on all presets. All presets now have about 15% less sharpening than their original versions (including "Less Sharpen" versions)
1.3 - Changed my mind last second and decided to restore about 5% of sharpening to main Reshade presets. "Less Sharpen" presets are still that same as 1.2

1.4 - Reduced "levels" amount by 15% on all presets. Shadow and black level clipping should occur a lot less now

*Screenshots taken at 1440p DLSS Quality*
*Lower your gamma correction (located in game settings) if my Reshade preset is too dark for you (around 0.90 - 0.95)*
*My Specs: RTX 3080, Ryzen 5600X, 32GB 3200Mhz RAM, SSD Storage. Average 60FPS @ 3440x1440p DLSS Quality, RT On*