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Turn your skin any color of the rainbow, High-Gloss, Oily, and Matte available. Does not affect NPCs. Compatible with most custom textures and body mods!

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Pretty simple. This will change your skin color to whatever you choose High Gloss, Oily, or Matte finish. Gloss colors are bright, Matte is more toned down, Oily is in between (see pics). 2 and 3 color bodies possible. Works great with custom textures and custom body mods. This will not affect NPCs! I will be adding more colors. I also hope to add things like metallic, transparent, and glow. We will see whats possible. Replaces skin tone 2

Should be compatible with pretty much everything except other material instance mods. Butter my V and Better Pale Skin are the only two I know of. Will not work with certain custom skin mods like gold, chrome or plastic. Certain skin textures may ignore this file.

Use only one archive file. drop it in your mod folder (Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod), change to skin tone 2. If you have a color request put it in the comments