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A dark, blazin' crash pad for V!

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VERSION 2 is now available, check the files for a fresh download. Should work normally with 1.5!

NOW ALSO REQUIRES the proximas_propshop archive and lua files. Remove any older versions of these files.


Welcome to the Street Kid Thrash Apartment, a visual overhaul of V’s home. Made for rockers, shockers, and addicts, it has a gritty vibe and the smell of desperation.

This mod is part of a lifepath series of mods which expand on the themes present in Cyberpunk 2077. Each apartment has its own flavours to choose from with three distinct styles:

Street Kid Crash Pad (Glam, Thrash, Techie)

Corpo Suite (Zen, Tactical, Netrunner)

Nomad Flophouse (Mystic, Overdrive, Gearhead)

(Check the video section if you prefer visual support)

Drop this mod’s json file in AMM's User > Decor folder

3. Drop the proximas_propshop_v4.archive file in PC > Archive > Mod folder

4. Drop the proximas_propshop_v4.lua file in AMM's Custom Props folder

5. Set up V’s Apartment Renovation if you want, it's almost a must-have for me (I used the black/red w. carpet theme for this mod)-- just note that the files for that mod go into the Cyberpunk > PC > Archive > MOD folder, not the AMM folder. Note that I strongly
recommend NOT using the No Posters and No Stickers files with the Street Kid apartments, as you will remove a lot of detail-- but
the choice to do so is still yours!

And you're done! Don't forget to read the Quick Notes section below if you're new to modding/apartment swaps.

Thanks to all of the modders who helped make this possible-- especially the CET and AMM folks!


If you don't like certain items, you can use AMM to remove many of them. Click on the Decor tab, go to Saved Decor, type the name of the item you want to remove in the search box (for example, beer for beer bottles or pizza for pizza boxes, poster for posters), then click the Remove button to the left of each item you want gone. Doing this you can customize the apartment to your own taste-- you can also add new items if you want!

Nibbles should play well with this apartment for the most part, but the living room has been completely remodeled so he may disappear from time to time. If you notice any bad clipping with his stuff please let me know.



1. Download Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) and install it using the directions on its site

2. Download Appearance Menu Mod (AMM) and install using the directions on its site

3. Download the main .7zip file from the Files section of this page, then extract the three files inside of it using any zip/rar

4. Move the Street Kid Crash Pad Thrash.json file to AMM’s DECOR folder-- the full install path depends on where you installed Steam/Cyberpunk, but it’s usually: 


5. Move the proximas_propshop_v4.archive file to the Mod folder

Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\MOD

6. Move the proximas_propshop_v4.lua file to AMM's Custom Props folder

Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\AppearanceMenuMod\Collabs\CUSTOM PROPS

7. If you're interested, set up the files from V's Apartment Renovation for the ideal colour scheme-- I used black/red with carpet, black/red for the braindance machine, gray for cylinder seat, and brass/dark for the fan, but you can customize with others or just skip it for now

8. Run the game. At the loading screen, look for a message from CET asking you to bind a hotkey (if it’s your first time using it you'll be asked to do this, I like to use the = key)

9. Once you’re inside the game, open CET using your hotkey. Click on the Appearance Menu Mod UI and click the DECOR tab at the top

10. Below that tab, click the PRESETS tab then click the drop down box. Select Street Kid Crash Pad Thrash from the list

And you're done!


Anything that doesn’t change V’s apartment should be fine. You can have this installed alongside other apartment swap mods, but you can of course only have one of them active at a time.


1. Regarding memorabilia items you get that normally appear in your apartment, it's unlikely that this mod will work too well with that
stuff. Most of it will likely be hidden, but there could be a bit of clipping as well. If you notice anything bad let me know and I'll do my
best to clear it up.

2. I recommend using the vanilla apartment while you're finishing Act 1, or you'll see characters clipping during certain scenes. If anything like this happens and corrupts your apartment, just reload or replace the json fil
e and it should be fine

3. Rarely, objects spawn too large or out of place. As far as I’m aware this can happen for any apartment mod, just reload or worst case,
rebootthe game and it’ll be fixed

4. Any crashes or performance problems are unlikely to be related to this mod. You may get a bit of FPS drop due to the extra props, but any
serious technical problems are likely due to the base game or, potentially, you may need to reinstall AMM

If the mod isn’t working:

1. Ensure you’ve put the Street Kid Crash Pad Thrash.json file into the correct folder. Check the install path above (it has to go into the User
> Decor folder)

2. Check theStreet Kid Crash Pad Thrash.json file to see what size it is. If it’s 1kb, then the file has been corrupted due to an ongoing AMM bug and you just need to replace it with a fresh one (redownload if needed)

3. Try reinstalling AMM and/or CET if you’ve been using them for awhile (back up anything you need to save first), then redownload and install Street Kid Crash Pad Thrash.json

4. Make sure you’re not using any conflicting mods (though there really shouldn't be many). I can’t say exactly which mods will conflict, but
anything that actively affects the apartment--other than V’s Apartment Renovation or other apartment presets-- could cause trouble. Remove anything that may conflict, then try again until there are no remaining potential trouble mods

5. If all else fails, ask in the Posts section of this site. I’ll try to help

Some of the loose objects in V’s apartment have physics enabled. This means that any newly placed prop that comes into contact with those items has a chance to smack them around when it spawns in. This can cause weird stuff like objects sticking out of walls, or a prop that seems like it wasn’t meant to be where it is. This mod shouldn’t have that issue, but please let me know if you see any such thing.

For anyone building and struggling with this issue, you have to place a flat object that will prevent the loose object from flying out of its hidey hole. For example, if cups are flying out of that cupboard you built, try to place a new vertical wall just hidden inside the cupboard-- that should act as  a shield, since the cup will bounce into it instead of through