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(NOT FOR 1.5 AND ABOVE. WAIT FOR UPDATE!!!) This mod is the (Better RayTraced Lighting) updated for the changes made in 1.30 Update. Reduces noise (caused by the update!) and tries to preserve more detail. Also some fixes to the accuracy.

Permissions and credits
What this mod brings:
1- The patch 1.3 changed some aspects of the render engine that unfortunately makes RT lighting noisy even with the vanilla configs. This mod tries to reduce that noise.
2-  RT reflections and RT lighting both have a limited tracing radius. It means if a surface is farther from the defined radius (reflected surface to reflecting surface distance) it's not visible in the reflection/lighting. It seems like it was a try for optimization but doesn't really affect the frame rate - not even a single millisecond in frametime -. This mod completely solves the problem.
3- Sometimes there are missing textures in the BVH (the geometry used by ray tracer - oversimplified-) that can make the image look worse than RT off. There is also a try that I'm not sure how much effective it can be. Report your results, please.
I'll add a more in-depth article in the future (cuz some guys are really curious and I love this) THE ARTICLE IS ADDED NOW
1- Download the zip file
2- Open it using 7Zip or Winrar
3- Drag the folder in the zip file and drop it into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation directory.
Alternatively, you can do this:

Create an ini file in [Game_Dir]\engine\config\platform\pc, the name doesn't matter.

Add the following section:

AccumulationSpeed = 0.00000
EnableImportanceSampling = false
GeometryUpdateBufferSizeMB = 128
TracingRadius = 1000000
TracingRadiusReflections = 1000000
MaterialProxyNumMax = 131072
MaterialProxyUpdateNumMax = 64
ScratchBufferSizeMB = 64

DiffuseDenoisingRadius = 30.000000
DiffuseMaxAccumulatedFrameNum = -1
DiffuseMaxAdaptiveRadiusScale = 10.000000
MaxHitDistanceDiffuse = 50.000000
MaxHitDistanceSpecular = 100.000000
RoughnessThreshold = 1


Thanks to "infogram" for INI settings and EXE parameters list.
Thanks to "yamashi" for Cyber Engine Tweak which helped me to change those parameters in real-time.