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NOW FEATURING: The Fully-Remade Winson Mico GT/M 2.0!!

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Hello, everyone!!!

Before we begin ...
I have an announcement!

Commissions** for Modded Cars are now OPEN!!!

(** NOT Requests, "COMMISSIONS")

I just launched a Ko-Fi!! And I’m ready to start accepting commissions for personalized modded cars!! Prices will vary based on complexity, availability of 3D models, etc., but if you’re interested I highly suggest you have a look at my new page!! Thanks again for all the amazing support you all have shown for my work!!

<3 Naomie, aka DoctorPortal

And now, our feature presentation ....

Introducing ...

How’s it going, Night City? Been a while, huh? Yeah, I know, I know, its been too long. But even so, I’ve been quite busy. And here, I present to you a collection of vehicle mods I’ve been working on for the past while, including some NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN mods!!

Please NOTE: There are likely going to be minor issues, visual oddities, etc. when using this mod. I would ask that you all read the description VERY CAREFULLY. In the event that your issue is NOT covered in the description, please check the comment section carefully to make sure no one has already solved the problem you're experiencing before adding a new comment to the list. Thank you in advance!!

OH! And Also ...

For best results, you should pair this mod with the "Cyber Vehicle Overhaul" mod, created by my recent partner in crime, the magnificent and talented Erok!!

Vehicle #1: Silverhand’s DeLorean

Why DID Johnny Silverhand have a Porsche? I mean, I understand the rockerboy cool factor. I do. Really. But a ‘70s Porsche, in a world dominated by the aesthetic of gritty 1980’s futurism?

Gonna be a no from me, dawg.

Inspired by the wonderful Jamie Cross, this first vehicle replaces Johnny’s Porsche 911 Turbo II (930) with a Phase-II DeLorean DMC-12, restomodded to hell and back for a car which is, in my opinion, far more suited to the nuanced depths of personality behind Johnny Silverhand’s outward persona. I mean, just think about it! Cool exterior, a 
backstory involving hard drugs, lies, manipulation, and an overinflated self-importance and hero complex leading to self-ruination, cult status, the comparisons go on and on!

Features in this mod include:

  • Altered gauge cluster made to be accurate to the original DMC-12

  • Modified icons and typography

  • Changed the Kiroshi scan description

  • Changed Database Lore page and accompanying picture

  • Altered mission prompts and in-game messages referencing the car.

LIMITATIONS of this mod include:

  • No Gullwing doors! (I know, I know, hold the tomatoes! I tried for 2 weeks to get them to work and I couldn't, I'm sorry!!!
(On the upside, though, the doors now look like Ford GT-40 doors when opened, so it's not a COMPLETE loss ...)

  • Occasional Bug with passenger seating height when using AMM
(bug is extremely inconsistent, I was never able to replicate it myself.)

Vehicle it Replaces in-game:

  • Johnny's Porsche 911 Turbo II (930) (I'd really hope this would be obvious, but you never know.)

Vehicle #2: Arch Type-990R "Makure"

"For when you absolutely, positively, HAVE to cross the Badlands overnight."

When you're living the life of a Nomad, sometimes just having one vehicle isn't enough. And while it may offer no protection to its rider or have any lasting comfort on longer distances, there exists a certain utility that only a really kickass motorcycle can provide. 

This truth was not lost on Nara Makure, close friend and race-rival of Naomie Xaris, who took a standard Arch Nazare superbike and gave it the full nomad treatment: uprated shocks, MagLev rear suspension, reinforced frame, Stage II turbo, the works. The end result was this: a bright red screamer of a bike capable of travelling from Santo Domingo to the AWACS zone in under 5 minutes. All it needs is the right driver ...

Features in this mod include:

  • Custom Body with working paint variations (using AMM)

  • Extreme Cool Factor

LIMITATIONS of this mod include:

  • No Lore insertion, yet (uses vanilla Scan results, codex entries, etc.)

Vehicle it
Replaces in-game:

  • Arch "Nazare" Racer (the bright yellow one, NOT Jackie's!)

Vehicle #3: Italifield "Cala-Burn"

"What started as a pun, ended with this ..."

Does anyone even remember the Italdesign Cala? Well, I certainly do. It may have been made before I was born, but baby-me forever had this gorgeous car's visage implanted into their mind thanks to Need For Speed II:SE. The Cala was designed for Lamborghini, who had every intention of putting the Cala into production, before severe financial issues nearly caused the company to collapse. But not all was lost to time; many of the Cala's design elements would later be used to create the original Gallardo! 

Features in this mod include:

  • Beautiful hand-modified body with working paint variations (using AMM)

  • Working Front and rear lights in proper positions

LIMITATIONS of this mod include:

  • Rough Interior (I know, it's not great)

  • Misaligned player position inside (just use 3rd person ...)

Vehicle it Replaces in-game:

  • Rayfield Caliburn (again, from the name alone I would hope this would be obvious. But can't trust anybody ...)

Vehicle #4: Winson Motors "Mico" GT/M

"A Rally Legend ... Sort of."

Built before the turn of the 21st century by a small British manufacturer that literally no one remembers, the Mico GT/M is nonetheless one of the most capable platforms a nomad could ever choose to base their ultimate ride upon. Tough, easy to repair, and shockingly rust-proof given its origin, the once ruined bodies of these cars have started experiencing a serious comeback as nomads find their wrecks in discarded junk piles tossed on continental US shores by other countries. Actually bothering to look up Winson Motorcars on the NET reveals that they were merged into Rayfield as part of the latter's rise to prominence, but nowadays it seems like the plucky little racer may have had the last laugh.

Features in this mod include:

  • Beautiful hand-modified body with working paint variations (using AMM)

  • Fully Functional Crystaldome Windows (all around)

  • Carefully and Skillfully modified interior, including custom steering wheel

LIMITATIONS of this mod include:

  • Minor panel gaps around doors (kinda lore-friendly, if you think about it!)

  • Occasional weirdness with tire width (possible solutions being researched)

Vehicle it Replaces in-game:

  • Thorton Galena "Gecko"

Vehicle #5: 2003 Toyota Corolla S - "Macey"

"Monetarily? Eh, not much. Sentimentally? She's Priceless." 

Why ARE all the cars in those post-apocalyptic films such massive gas-guzzlers? In a world where gasoline has so much value that a truck of it is worth a thousand times its weight in gold, why in hell would you use big, thirsty, carbureted V8 engines to get around?

In a realistic portrayal of such a place, this would never fly.

To all of you, I say: give me my Honda Civics and Accords, my Toyota Camrys, and Corollas. All with 300,000 miles on the original motors, plugging across the wastes with efficiency, simplicity, and rugged dependability being valued above all else. Yeah, your razor blade-covered War Rig is cool looking, but when it's parked at the side of the road in a cloud of steam, you're gonna feel a lot less cool. Especially when a convoy of all-original Toyotas from the early 2000's casually rolls by. 

Features in this mod include:

  • Hand-modified body with accurate light placement and full functionality
  • Near-accurate interior with Cyberpunk-y accents for immersion
  • Noticeable differences between Poor, Suburban, Urban, and Gang Variations 
(Apply these using AMM)

LIMITATIONS of this mod include:

  • Badges on Trunk do not move when trunk is opened (nothing I could do about that quite yet ... sorry.)
  • Possible visual glitch on small section of roof for certain variations (Fix is currently in-progress)

Vehicle it Replaces in-game:

  • Archer "Hella" EC-D i360

... And that's all for now!!

The full, "AIO-MERGED" file actually has a few BONUS vehicles in it as well, see if you can find them! I'll update this page with proper reveals in the near future. Until then ...

Thank you all once again for supporting my work. I love and adore each of you, and never forget that none of this would be possible without all of you. 

And remember that if you want to support me, you can always donate through my BRAND NEW Ko-Fi page, where you can also COMMISSION me for new and handmade cars! My skills and capabilities are always improving, so the possibilities of what I can do for you grow more numerous every day! 

Thank you all so much again!!

<3 Naomie, aka DoctorPortal