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Death Alternative for 1.3

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Death Alternative

Death Alternative is a mod that intends to create an immersive alternative
for the death screen. Instead of just dying and reloading, you can now
continue playing as normal, but dealing with the consequences of your
actions if you die, through multiple "death" scenarios.

Available Scenarios

As the mod is still in its early stages, the only scenario right now is to
buy a life insurance package from the Trauma Team building. You have 3
available packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with its own perks
and prices.

By activating a life insurance package, every time you die, you will be asked if you want the Trauma Team to revive you, or
if you just want to die and go back to the old native death scenario of
reloading a previous save. Activating the life insurance package
doesn't cost any money, but you will be required to have enough money to
revive on that package when you die, or the Trauma Team will cancel
your insurance and you will have to die the old way.

no shortcut keys..if you die it will teleport you to random ripperdoc....

TODO: no need to visit hospital for a menu.. it will be in Cyber Engine Tweaks

this mod is continue from 3nvy's mod @