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This is a CET mod to get rid of the irritating sticky UI elements issues: the Center Dot, the Crosshair, the Subtitles, the Progress Bar and the Shard hum

Permissions and credits
Compatible with the game v1.5+ with corresponding CET version.

Dot No More, Sticky Crosshair Fix, Sticky Subtitles Fix, sticky Progress Bar Fix and the Shard sticky hum  Fix.

This is a CET mod to get rid of the irritating sticky UI elements issues:

  • the center dot,
  • the crosshair,
  • subtitles,
  • the Progress Bar and its leftovers,
  • the Warning Message Bar,
  • and the Shard sticky hum.

A Shard hum? What's the Shard sticky hum?

Shards are game items you can open and read contents. There is a power grid hum alike sound effect playing while reading a Shard.
Sometimes the hum stays sticky despite the Shard window is already closed. You'd need to reload a game to get rid of it.
This mod fixes that by allowing you to remove a sticky hum with a key press.

What's the sticky Progress Bar?

This is the horizontal progress bar you may observe when an enemy is hacking you. Accompanied with a noisy sound:

Sometimes it stalls and stays sticky with the buzzing sound on until you reload the game.
This mod fixes that automatically.

What's the sticky subtitles fix for?

If you use cinematic subtitles, you may have noticed they may stay on screen even if a dialogue is long gone sometimes.
This mod fixes that by allowing you to remove a sticky subtitle with a key press.

A sticky crosshair?

The weapon crosshair should hide automatically when weapons are holstered.
But sometimes it stays on screen obscuring the view so it's sticky.
You'd need to draw a weapon and holster it back to hide the crosshair in that case.
Barring the inconvenience it may not be always possible.
This mod fixes that automatically.

And what's the center dot?

This is the dot:

There is a separate settings to hide it:

But even if disabled the dot still comes up and stays sticky quite often.
This mod fixes that automatically too.

The dot is so small so what's the deal?

While indeed it's small it's quite visible and it's distracting, especially in dark moody scenes.
And it doesn't follow the OFF settings.

E.g. go to Wakako's place.
The moment you pass the doors the dot comes up and stays until you exit the place, save the game and reload.
But you probably don't want to save&reload every time it appears on your screen.
Especially it's not a permanent fix - go back to Wakako and the dot is back sticky again.

There is another workaround though: disable the weapon crosshair and the dot disappears.

Huh? What does the crosshair have to do with the dot?

Well it should not.
But it does.
Only when both the crosshair and the dot are disabled in the game settings the dot does not come up anymore.

Wait! I don't want to disable the crosshair. I need it in a combat!

Yup, that's the point.
So the mod automatically manages the crosshair visibility following your weapons activity.

Hey the game already autohides the crosshair so why would I need it?

Yes the game does it... usually.
But it does not make the dot go away.
And this autohide is flawed resulting in the sticky crosshair sometimes.

This mod deals with the sticky dot, the sticky crosshair and the sticky progress bar automatically and allows you to manually fix sticky subtitles, sticky progress bar or a Shard sticky hum when needed.

And what if I like the dot so I don't want to hide it?
While I'd like to keep the crosshair fix.

You can leave the dot in ON position in your game settings and the mod will respect it.
In that case it will switch the weapon crosshair only so you will still benefit from the sticky crosshair fix.

Say I don't want the dot all the times but sometimes I find it really helpful.

You can quickly hide/unhide the dot manually when needed with a single keystroke using the mod hotkeys.

How do I use it?

- just install the mod. No additional settings needed to make it work in automatic mode for the automatic dot, crosshair and progress bar fixes,
- for the sticky subtitles fix or the manual progress bar dismiss you can use the mod window buttons or setup hotkeys or use both methods,
- optionally you can set up the dot, the crosshair hide/unhide manual toggle hotkeys with the CET hotkeys bindings setup
- you can use hotkeys or buttons in the mod main window - whatever you find convenient. 

How to verify it's working?


- draw your weapon and holster back.
- check the CET console for this kind of entries:

08/29/21 12:26:47: Dot_no_more: Weapon armed...
08/29/21 12:26:47: Dot_no_more: Crosshair settings set to on.
08/29/21 12:26:50: Dot_no_more: Weapon holstered.
08/29/21 12:26:50: Dot_no_more: Crosshair settings set to off.

2) Go to Wakako's and check for the dot ;-)

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Install or update:


- download the zip archive and extract
- drop the extracted "bin" folder into "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077" folder


- use Vortex Manager



- remove "[your game provider install folder]\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Dot_no_more" folder.
-  verify your center dot and the weapon crosshair settings in the game - they may be left in OFF position.


- use Vortex Manager
-  verify your center dot and the weapon crosshair settings in the game - they may be left in OFF position.


Credits go to psiberx for the Cyber Engine Tweaks scripting platform based development support, most of the payload code and the Cron and GameUI libraries :)
Mine is the mod idea and the code wrapper only.
And of course the CET developer: yamashi