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Mama Welles said 'Don't scratch it up' but it seems Jackie already has... and so has everyone else? Wtf CDPR...

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Now repairs the glass on all Arch motorcycles (when viewed in first person driving)

VERSION 2.1 IS HERE! Now ALL Arch Motorcycles are restored to their former glory!
Thank you to NeuroLinked on the red modding discord for help setting up the material builder.

Version 2.1: Down side; This will not be compatible with anything that changes the material of the first person faring on Jackie's bike, retextures will work fine.
Version 1.0:  Down side; This is a destructive edit which for all intents and purposes "deletes" the "cracked_windscreen_mask" texture. The windscreens on other cars may no longer crack like safety glass when shot, but they still break and show bullet holes.

Version 2.1: Up side; This is no longer a destructive edit, the glass on other cars will now crack like safety glass when shot again!
Version 1.0: Up side; this is 100% compatible with reskins of Jackie's bike!

Modders: The files changed by v2.1 of this mod are the material JSONs of "v_sportbike2_arch_nemesis__ext01_fairing_f_a_01.mesh" and "v_sportbike2_arch_nemesis__ext01_fairing_f_b_01.mesh". The file changed by v1.0 of this mod is "cracked_windscreen_mask.xbm".