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wanna listen to some more Samurai?
well, here's a few Refused songs mixed with the Samurai songs,
it's as simple as that!

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces 11 songs from  107.3 Morro Rock Radio 

Installation: put basegame_mod_samurairefusedradio.archive into: Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder
if you don't have the mod folder, create one.
that's it!

making the songs both match the lenght and the volume is a not easy task, some songs i had to let it clip, otherwise they would sound too low (keep that in mind) this is my first attempt and what was frustrating
is the fact that the songs are pretty loud but once they're in game, it takes the volume down and this is one of my many complaints
of Cyberpunk 2077 radios, they're too low and sometimes you can't hear the music. 
and a few songs got cut/mixed to fit the song lenght, anyways, i hope yall enjoy, this is my first attemp, but any tips you guys can give are welcome.

I Wanna thank @timeXD for his amzazing Trashwave FM radio that made me come up with this idea and @pezzonovante87 for giving the detailed instruction on how to replace songs with a very compreensive step by step,
you can learn it too Here

Replaced Songs/Soundtrack:

Sustain_Decay = REV001
LikeWise = Organic Go Fuck Yourself
Trauma = The Infamous Left
I Will Follow = Faceless Corporate Violence
Summer of 2069 = Damaged III
Testmaster = I Wanna Watch The World Burn
Suffer Me = Elektra
Heave Ho = Death In Vännäs
Friday Night Fire Fight = A Like Supreme
To The Fullest = New Noise (Edited)
So It Goes = Thought is Blood