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StreetStyle adds depth and more meaning to clothing by introducing a brand new system that makes your fashion choices affect both (dialogue/device) skill checks and other stats.

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StreetStyle - Immersive Fashion System


StreetStyle is a Cyberpunk 2077 mod that makes your personal stylistic fashion choices have an effect on gameplay.

For every piece of equipment in the game, the mod introduces an own Strength, Reflexes, Technical, Intelligence and Cool value, each between 1 and 5 depending on what kind of clothing it is.
These stats affect skill checks in both dialouges and device interactions.

For example, if you wear Netrunning Equipment, which has quite high Intelligence values, it will boost your Intelligence Stat in dialogue options and device interactions that require a certain level of skill in that field.
On the other hand, it will not boost your Strength and Reflexes stats by a lot since Netrunning equipment is not designed for direct combat - this is something a heavy Arasaka Chestplate would be a lot better at.

StreetStyle also introduces a completely new Styles System into the game: Every piece of equipment also has been assigned one of the four Styles of Night City: Entropism, Kitsch, Neomilitarism, Neokitsch.
The combination of said styles also has an effect on gameplay: If you wear many items of the same style, you will also recieve a considerable buff in skill check stats. StreetStyle 1.4 also adds other skill-specific buffs.
This gives an incentive to dress up in a more consistent style, which is somthing the base game does not do at all.

The mod also increases the difficulty of skill checks a bit so they won't all be super easy due to the buffs.

Stat Boost Formula

As already mentioned, StreetStyle assigns 5 custom stat values and 1 style to every equipment item in the game.

When you enter a skill check, the mod takes the relevant attribute value of every item you wear and divides it by 7, the number of equipment slots. If a slot is empty, it uses the default value 2 instead.
For example, having clothing with Technical values 4, 2, 2, 5, 3, 2, 3 will add a buff of 21/7 = +3 Technical to your base attribute stat in the skill check.
There is one exception: Not wearing an outfit won't impact your stats. If this slot is empty, it will simply be excluded from the calculation. This is due to the fact that outfits are rather rare, prevent many other clothes from being seen, so wearing those is completely optional.

Added to that gets the Style Buff, a value between 0 and 5, that is calculated as follows:
For every item of the same style in your inventory beginning with the third one, having equipped another item of that style will give you an additional, univeral constistency point that get's added to the value calculated based on the individual item stats.
E. g., wearing 6 out of 7 possible items with the style Neomilitarism will reward you with an additional buff of 6-2 = 4 for every skill check in the game - no matter what exactly the relevant skill is.

Additional Gameplay Buffs

With StreetStyle 1.4, an additional buff system is introduced that adds skill-specific gameplay buffs apart from skill checks.
If you have 3 or more StreetStyle points in a certain skill, another buff is being added to that, depending on what skill it is and if you have 3, 4 or 5 buff points:
- Strength adds an additional armor multiplier (+5%, +15%, +25%)
- Reflexes increases the duration of Kerenzikov (+20%, +100%, +200%)
- Technical reduces the number of components needed for crafting (-5%, -15%, -30%)
- Intelligence gives you additional quickhacking RAM (+1, +3, +6)
- Cool decreases the amount of money needed for convo payment checks and car purchases (-5%, -10%, -20%)
Your current StreetStyle buffs can be seen in the stats panel under the 'Other' category.


- If you want to configure the difficulty of the skill checks, you can do that in the StreetStyle_skill_check_scaling.reds file.
- You can also change the skill values of individual items in the StreetStyle_main.reds file, if you like. I have included a small guide on how it works there.
- You don't have to worry about problems with your base skill values in case you should want to continue playing without the mod: No base game stats are being modified, so uninstallation would not cause any problems.
- If you should see an item marked as unregistered or a possible mistake I made while assigning values and styles to an item, feel free to DM me. Same goes for balancing issues and other feedback.
- If you don't play in English, you can easily configure the localization options in the StreetStyle_localizations.reds file (or download an existing one from the Nexus, if one exists)
- You are allowed to upload the StreetStyle_localizations.reds file to the Nexus and mark it as a translation of this mod, if one doesn't exist yet in your language
- If you like this mod, please consider endorsing, sharing or voting for it, so it can reach more people.


This mod requires:
- redscript (0.3.1)

The mod replaces the following functions:
- Build_ScriptConditionType.Evaluate()
- CaptionImageIconsLogicController.SetSkillCheck()
- GameplaySkillCondition.Evaluate()
- interactionItemLogicController.SetData()
- ItemTooltipCommonController.UpdateLayout()
- StatsMainGameController.OnCategoryClicked()

Note: This mod also wraps some other functions, which can result in incompatibility if another mod replaces them.

Following mods are incompatible:
- Clear Skill Checks by rmk1234 (StreetStyle includes the same feature)
- Convo Skill Check Scaling by rmk1234 (StreetStyle has a similar feature)
- If you know any more mods that might be incompatible, tell me so I can add them here and maybe even make a compatibility patch.


Thanks a lot to the following people for helping me solve problems I encountered while writing this mod:
- jekky
- psiberx
- rmk1234
- djkovrik

Finishing this mod would not been possible without your help!