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Make insects like flies, moths, mosquitoes and cockroaches invisible.

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Tested working on 2.0 and Phantom Liberty. 

Annoyed at the flies/cockroaches that ruin your screenshots? Think those pesky buggers are too annoying to look at? This mod is for you. Made this mod for a friend and thought it might be useful for other people. 

  • How to install: 
Put the folder into your cyberpunk install folder. The path should look something like this: <Wherever your steam games are installed>\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
It only supports 1 archive file at a time so please replace when you want a different version. 

  • Thanks to: 
rfuzzo and the WolvenKit team for CP77Tools
Recap Video BegoneSkip Main Menu and No Intro Videos for making the game relaunches much easier
bean and Carbine for testing
The people on AMM discord for the support. You guys are awesome. <3

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