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A custom CT table for Current Vehicle RPM settings and Max Torque and Resistance Torque

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All this is a custom CT table for Current Vehicle Handling

Including Engine Data settings and Gears

CT = Cheat Table for Cheat Engine,
For now you need Cheat Engine installed to use this mod

The data resets after you re-spawn the vehicle.

How to use:
For RPM:
- Max RPM can be changed increase the vehicle's max top speed of last gear etc
- Min RPM can be changed to change sounds range of rpm of a vehicle
  for example: change the RPM sound Range of the vehicle e.g. -2000 if using 16000 rpm on a kusanagi ct-3x
- Flywheel moment of intertia changes how slow does the vehicle RPM decrease
For Power:
- Max Torque can be used to add power across the RPM range
- Resistance Torque can be used to make the engine rev down faster and make the vehicle brake slighty faster because of this
For Gears:
- Enable the gears you require and change the max speed slightly (currently I have not found how to make the vehicle go past their top speed limit)
- Torque multiplier is the multiplier of the torque per specific gear e.g. 1 = 100% torque, 0.2 = 20% torque
- Min Speed is the speed at which the vehicle shifts down
- Max Speed is the speed at which the vehicle shifts up if full throttle
- Min RPM is the rpm at which the vehicle can shift down - yes this is different to min speed
- Max RPM is the rpm at which the vehicle shifts up - yes this is also different to max speed 
- Braking Friction Factor is essentially a 'force' at which the car stops other than Brake Torque
- Max Brake Torque Front and Rear is for the brakes power at the wheels

Instructions for installation:
1. Get Cheat Engine (I use 7.1 but any version past 6.0 should work)
2. Click the top left button (monitor with search icon) to open a process and choose Cyberpunk 2077 (the exe)
3. Click the icon right next to the monitor with search icon and open the CT table (must be unzipped)
2. Click the .CT file if you have a file association to cheat engine
3. Click the monitor search icon (to choose the process) and choose Cyberpunk2077
4. Now just click the 'Active' check window to enable each set of values

This seems to be the first mod introduce any true per vehicle handling modifications, woo.
But since this is a memory driven process, it is only for the current vehicle (and not despawned or too far vehicles).

I have now brought multiple car handling tweak mods, this script is now essentially redundat for anything but testing vehicle handling.
Look for all my other vehicle mods to find my handling tweaks and .ini settings :)