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Prevents most deaths from the glitch where you will die from fall damage when walking on slopey surfaces. You can now safely walk on railings, garbage piles, water towers, etc.

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There's a problem where V will rapidly accelerate on downwards slopes, usually leading to death from fall damage, even if you were 1 foot off the ground. This mod will prevent most of these deaths.

This fix does cause some slightly weird behavior on extreme downward slopes. But now you can safely run off a water tower without being obliterated, and don't need to live in fear of railings.

This weird behavior is mostly just V slightly snapping upwards on downwards slopes. However, that's just a sign that without this mod you were about to become a splat mark :)

I think there's a bit more that I can do to reduce weird behavior and slope deaths, but this ended up being a pretty decent fix that should solve most of the slope related deaths, so I wanted to get it out there.


Extract and drop player_slope_death_fix.archive into archive/pc/mod


Remove player_slope_death_fix.archive from archive/pc/mod

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