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Balancing and bug fixes for HMGs, all 4 arm cyberware, LMGs, SMGs, SOR-22, tech weapons, and more!

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Update 1.6! Tech weapon options now finally work, bug fixes for various things, alongside better distribution of unique weapon effects.

If everything goes to plan, Megamod is dropping next Friday 5pm PST.

What this mod features:

  1. General weapon balancing (updated)
  2. Improved early-game scaling
  3. Bug fix for tech weapon scaling
  4. Bug fix for revolver scaling 
  5. Bug fix for missing secondary stats
  6. Bug fix for LMG mod slots!!!!!!
  7. Customization for each individual weapon's damage and fire rate!!!!! 
  8. Removed wall sight from tech weapon aiming, and gives an option to disable wall shooting completely. (Customization works now)
  9. Reworked a few weapon attachments 
  10. Weapons no longer have dummy mods 
  11. Better distribution of unique weapon effects (new!)
  12. Grenade limit (new!)

Little mini-guide on how to balance your game:

General Weapon Balancing


  • Melee cyberware (mantis blades, etc.) have had their scaling increased to 50 and their damage increased. Should be on par with melee weapons now. Previously, they stopped increasing in damage at level 30. An important note, it doesn't matter what level you get them at, they will scale with you. They just stopped scaling with your level at 30, so people were confused.
  • Projectile launcher damage increase. Pretty big damage increase to make them a viable choice over grenades.
  • Tranquilizer rounds reworked. These weren't quite fully implemented in the base game. They made no sound, no difference between charged and uncharged, and weren't aoe. Now, you have a 15% chance to KO each enemy it hits uncharged, and 35% chance charged. It's AOE, does some amount of chemical damage even if it doesn't KO, and makes sound.
  • Speed up for Mantis Blade finisher. Previously 3 seconds long, now 1.2 seconds, closer to the other finisher animations.

Ranged Weapons:

  • HMGs have had their damage drastically increased. Previously, your bare fists could hit 100x harder than an HMG, and that's not an exaggeration. Now, when you rip one of these things off, it should be better than the guns in your inventory.
  • LMGs have had their damage increased. This, in addition to a few fixes below, should make LMGs a viable weapon choice.
  • SMGs, assault rifles, pistols have had their damage increased. Slight damage increase to make these guns a better option.
  • SMGs, pistols have had their recoil and spread reduced. Previously they had more than an LMG! Slightly increased SMG spread based on user feedback.
  • Precision rifle damage increase. In addition to a fix below, this makes precision rifles actually do damage.
  • Less hit reactions from faster firing weapons. The faster firing weapons in the game have largely been looked over, and it hadn't really been noticed that when they do enough damage, the enemies will just stand there and get shot at. They had similar hit reactions to a sniper rifle. This has been reduced.
  • Iconics with explosive bullets do more damage. Previously, they just weren't that strong. This is because the bullets themselves had a modifier that was actually reducing dps in some instances. Now, that explosion effect should feel more unique and powerful.
  • Revolver and Sniper Rifle damage decrease. Damage should feel closer to the rest of the game's balance.
  • HMG slightly reworked. Thanks to the HMG changes above, they are now actually usable. However, 300 rounds is a lot of ammunition for a temporary gun. This, coupled onto the fact that reloading a save refills your magazine, and you have effectively unlimited HMG ammo. I reduced the ammo to 150 rounds, and increased the fire rate slightly.
  • Various individual weapon changes.  You can now set damage and fire rate modifiers for individual weapons. Here's some things I've changed:
- Johnny's pistol hits harder and shoots faster.
- Smart SMGs hit harder and shoot faster.
- Lexington shoots faster.
- Weaker weapons of categories like Crusher and Copperhead do more damage.
- Omaha and Achilles had strange fire rates. The Omaha would let you shoot 10x a second. For comparison, the world record for clicking speed is around 12x a second. This does not affect charged shots.
- More powerful weapons brought in line, like the L-69 Zhuo or Quasar.
- Various other small tweaks.
  • Tech weapon charge damage bonus reduced.  This should finally be enough to bring tech weapon dps to balance with other weapons. They are still much stronger given the perks, but now you can't just one shot enemies with a single charged shot from any weapon anymore.

Melee Weapons (Make sure to read changes Original Melee people):

Download "Full Weapon Balance - Original Melee" if you don't want the base damage changed. Everything else can be changed under "Full Weapon Rebalance - Melee Mechanics". I don't know what changes individual people would want at this point, but I think these are mostly pretty good because they make the mechanics like attack speed and stamina usage relevant in the game without destroying melee's power.

  • Reduced DPS to be closer to ranged weapons. I called this a bug fix at first, but the more I think about it, I think CDPR just forgot to account for attack speed when balancing melee weapons. Their dps was always twice as high as ranged weapons because it was being increased from two sources. Even if it isn't a bug, I would still make this change because melee weapons are very strong, particularly against bosses.
  • Balanced strong attacks on certain weapons.  Strong attacks with katanas were hitting over 6x harder than regular attacks. This made the most effective way to fight with them just repeatedly strong attacking over and over again, and weaker enemies could always be one shot by strong attacks. Some other weapons had this problem too, and they have had their damage slightly reworked to prevent this.
  • Added nonlethal hit flags to all blunt weapons and gorilla arms.  Straight forward, things that say non-lethal are now non-lethal
  • Removed non-functioning stamina cost reduction display on weapons.  It just didn't work, so I removed it.
  • Removed 2 hidden attack speed scalars.  Melee weapons had not one, but two hidden scalars doubling their attack speed. For context, melee weapons start at 1/2 their max attack speed. Perks and things that increase attack speed should actually be useful now.
  • Toned down stamina reductions.  Due to being additive, things that reduced stamina cost were very strong. It ended up making stamina costs less than 1/5 of what they were in the beginning of the game.
  • Increased stamina cost of blocking attacks, and slowed down stamina regen start time. You could endlessly block attacks in the base game for two reasons: Very low stamina cost of blocking, and your stamina would regen would start before the enemy could attack again, leading to endless blocking. This should make melee a bit more interesting.
  • Lowered hit reactions, and removed minimum hit reactions.  There was a problem with fighting enemies, including some bosses, where you could just endlessly whack them with melee weapons because every single hit caused them to stagger, preventing them from doing anything. Now, it's more like every few hits will cause them to stagger.
  • One hand blunt weapons now use blunt attack modifiers. (new!) Not the effects from perks, but rather just some base damage they had was using bladed stuff, which caused them to strong attack very weak from the change above.


These are customizable in "Full Weapon Rebalance - Quickhacks" under init.lua.

  • Short circuit does much less instant damage. Legendary short circuit, probably designed for destroying robots, was just destroying everything. Now it is more damage over time based.
  • Reboot optics duration nerf. Why sneak when you can just turn off eyes? Duration nerf.
  • Ping has reduced duration. Far surpassing every other way of highlighting enemies combined, you can just ping a microwave.
  • Cripple Movement duration decrease. Being able to turn off 5 enemies ability to attack for 15+ seconds was a tad much.
  • Tetratronic Rippler upload decrease reduction. The best aspect about this cyberdeck was the massive upload speed decrease. -75% at legendary. It's what made the spreading quickhacks a bit too strong, and trivialized upload speed. Now it's a 33% decrease at legendary.
  • Overheat duration decrease, damage increased accordingly.  The effect where overheat can shut down an enemy was very strong against bosses. Overheat can last up to 30 seconds with the right perks and cyberware, trivializing boss fights. But on the flip side, now it does its damage much faster. It now lasts 1/3 as long, and does 3x damage.
  • Removed boss weakspot destruction from Short Circuit, Cyberware Malfunction, and Weapon Glitch. This was the strange effect where these quickhacks would do crazy amounts of damage to some bosses and mechs. In particular legendary short circuit would apply this effect each time you critically hit. It meant you could kill some of the most difficult enemies in the game in a few seconds


  • Fix for Unstoppable perk. This perk increased your fire rate with each dismemberment by 10%, supposedly capping at 3. But the cap didn't work, and it increased it indefinitely. Now, it only stacks 1 time, and increases fire rate by 15%.
  • Implemented missing street cred requirement for Downtown vendor. The L-69 Zhuo and Achilles didn't have any Street Cred requirement, while the other legendary weapon the vendor offered did. It looks like it was just a little bug.
  • Toned down headshot scaling. It's rather difficult to balance the game when headshots do 5x damage at level 50 as they did at level 1, so I toned it down quite a bit. The eye cyberware has been reduced to 15% increase, and the cold blood perk to 15% as well. This should also make the other headshot perks feel a bit more powerful, whereas previously the headshot multiplier was so high, perks weren't necessary. Things like precision rifles and sniper rifles still have higher headshot damage than pistols and submachine guns.
  • Added street cred requirements to Legendary hand cyberware and Epic eye cyberware. These things had less SC requirement than their lower tier counterparts, which I thought was a bit strange.
  • Lowered street cred requirement for blue arm cyberware. It was kind of strange that the blue and purple arm cyberware were only 5 street cred levels apart. Lowered blue arm cyberware' SC requirement to 10.
  • Berserk no longer gives you infinite stamina. Berserk had two effects regarding stamina. It halves your stamina usage, and also gave you infinite stamina. It still halves your stamina usage.
  • Enemies with smart guns do more appropriate amounts of damage. They had a multiplier reducing their damage by 45%, which is strange, because their bullets are actually pretty inaccurate.
  • Mech weakspot damage is balanced across all levels. Blowing up a mech's arm would do ~40% of its hp at level 1, but over 100% of its hp at level 50. I didn't fix it perfectly, but now it's usually between 40 and 60% of its hp.
  • Fixed contagion icon.  Very important.
  • Enemies have armor.  A bug fix maybe? The tech weapon perk does say it'll ignore armor. Now enemies should have working armor.
  • Kenshin no longer fires at max charge if you have the perk. (new!) The Kenshin still fired at max charge when you had the perk to prevent it.
  • Fixed Burya sights.  The Burya's sights were messed up, now they're not. The crosshair works!
  • Fixed Nekomata shaking.  The Nekomata would shake like an earthquake every time you charged it and were aiming. Now it doesn't.

Improved Early Game Scaling

The beginning of the game is where combat is most difficult. Like, very difficult. I believe some of the guns do 4-6 damage per shot at this stage in the game, while the enemies have hundreds of health (even without mods). Only at level 15-20ish does the combat actually start feeling better.

There's a few technical reasons for this: V doesn't start with any crit chance, no headshot multipliers on the guns, and also just flat out low damage. These issues have been addressed.

List of changes:

Higher base damage for weapons. They scale to the same amount as they did before, but now they start with more damage.

Introduced base crit chance for weapons. Not having the ability to critically hit anything really brings down V's dps, so now all weapons have a base crit chance. I haven't changed the crit chances that they eventually scale to.

Less disparity between weapon rarity. All weapons, no matter the rarity, receive +crit chance, status effect, headshot multiplier etc. Higher rarities have increased stats.

A little bonus from the above change. All weapons at all rarities receive all the possible effects. No more worrying about a weapon having bonus ricochet damage instead of headshot multiplier!

Bug Fix for Tech Weapon Scaling

Tech weapons had a hidden multiplier called "Charge Multiplier" that scaled from 1 to 5 as you levelled up. Except it didn't multiply your charge damage, it just multiplied all your damage. It only shows up when you've shot the weapon in combat.

So, you had a semi-hidden scalar slowly quintupling* your tech weapon damage in combat. Probably why they felt fine at the beginning of the game, but just turn into one-shot machines by the end. I have removed this scalar on all weapons.

What this results in is actually quite nice. An uncharged shot from a tech weapon hits for an almost identical amount to that of its power weapon counterpart. A charged shot is still much more powerful, depending on perks.

Bug Fix for Revolver Scaling

Some of the stats like headshot multiplier, crit chance, crit dmg, (but not the base dps), were being scaled twice as fast as they were supposed to on revolvers. I don't mean it was just twice as fast as the other guns, but rather it had some hidden multiplier doubling these stats just for revolvers. Probably why they felt fine at the beginning, but started getting crazy strong as you levelled up.

A legendary revolver at level 50 had +100% crit chance, whereas in the game files it is only supposed to have +50%. For perspective, other guns have around +50-65% crit chance at this range.

This mod fixes these scaling issues. After testing, this made revolvers feel much more balanced.

Thanks to JulzJuice123 for pointing this out.

Bug Fix for Missing Secondary Stats

Several guns in the game were missing secondary stats (crit damage, crit chance, etc.). This list included, LMGs, Palica, Johnny's pistol, and SOR-22. I have added their missing stats.

One other thing I did, is give a status effect to guns that didn't have one, like Johnny's Pistol or Yinglong. There was an exploit where if you put Combat Amplifier on these guns, it would give them every status effect. This exploit has been fixed, and it also makes these two weaker weapons a bit more powerful.

Bug Fix for LMG Mod Slots!!!!!!

An exclamation point for each person who's requested this. Giving it its own category. 

Previously, you couldn't put weapon mods into LMGs. Only the first slot would work, and it wasn't even working right. Now, you can put mods into all 4 slots just fine.

This fix is slightly experimental, and has a few small side effects. If you don't want the side effects, you can put your mods in, and then turn off the fix under "Full Weapon Rebalance - Miscellaneous".

Customization for Individual Weapon's Damage and Fire Rate!!!!!!!!!!!

An exclamation point for each person who's requested this. Probably missing a few exclamation points.

Affects the player's weapons only.

Under "Full Weapon Rebalance - Customize Weapons", in init.lua, you'll see a big list of variables like "Unity_Damage_Modifier = 1.0". Change the number on the right to whatever you want. The default is 1.0 always.

I've changed a few of these values for things like HMGs, Johnny's Pistol, Smart SMGs, but feel free to tweak it however you like.

Removed Wall Sight From Tech Weapon Aiming and Option to Disable Wall Shooting Entirely 

Both of these are customizable under "Full Weapon Rebalance - Miscellaneous". I set wall sight to off and wall shooting to on by default.

Change "Disable_Tech_Wall_Sight = true" to "Disable_Tech_Wall_Sight = false" if you don't want to remove wall sight from tech weapon aiming. Actually works now.

Change "Disable_Wall_Shooting = false" to "Disable_Wall_Shooting = true" if you want to get rid of being able to shoot through walls. Actually works now.

As much as I think shooting through walls is cool, it's not implemented very well. You can see through unlimited walls, and you can shoot through unlimited walls, and the AI isn't going to get you if you just sit back and shoot through an entire hospital. Associated perks and effects have also been changed so they aren't useless.

Reworked a Few Weapon Attachments

List of changes:
  • Silencer stealth damage reduced to 1.25x. Silencers were so strong at some point you could one shot even the stronger enemies with just a body shot.
  • Silencers all blue rarity now. You can get the blue silencer before you even leave V's megablock for the first time, so I just made them all useful.
  • Silencers have new stats, and better unique effects. The base stats are -10% damage, 1.25x stealth damage. Each of the four silencers has a unique effect; +10% crit chance, +15% crit damage, +10% headshot damage, or +5% damage.
  • Fixed bug with silencer appearances. Two of them were swapped, now they aren't.
  • Made rare weapon mods easier to obtain. There is only 1-3 Phantom, Vendetta, and Neon-Arrow in the entire game. I made them purchasable from associated vendors.
  • Vendetta reduced to 10% headshot increase. This is to go along with the rework in headshot scaling listed above.
  • Combat amplifier is uncommon rarity now. Not that important, but it was blue rarity before, but didn't cost blue materials to make. Fixes this little mini-exploit.
  • Melee weapon mods have been buffed, as well as had their rarity set to random, rather than just blue. (new!) I didn't buff the attack speed one. It looks like this was intended to be a .3 increase to attack speed, but it ended up increasing attack speed by 30%. Now its in the 8-16% range increase per mod.

Weapons No Longer Have Dummy Mods

This is the reason why sometimes legendary weapons would have only 2 mod slots. They had a dummy mod that removed the mod slot. I'll do a similar thing for clothing soon.

The dummy mod will no longer spawn, and your weapons that had it will have a mod called "None" in it, that has no effect.

Better Distribution of Unique Weapon Effects

The effects on random weapon spawns like "Increases projectile energy by 6x" or "Decreases charge time 50%" were very rare. They'd only occur on random drops, and very rarely at that. I've reworked how they get added to make them more common. This does not affect existing weapons.

List of changes:
  • All crafted weapons gain one of these bonuses. Only guns have these effects however.
  • Reworked distribution of these effects. The more powerful effects are available on the higher qualities.
  • Removed dummy mods from effect list. Rare, epic, and legendary weapons from random drops or crafting are guaranteed to have one of these effects. Vendor items however, will not.
  • Balanced some of the effects. These things were so rare that nobody probably noticed, but one of the tech weapon effects literally just tripled your damage. The charge time reduction was also additive, potentially leading you to have instantaneous charging. I've also reduced the effect that increased your damage by 20%.

Grenade Limit

In the base game, you can endlessly spam grenades to kill enemies. Now, there's a limit under "Full Weapon Rebalance - Explosions". The default limit I've set is 5.

This was in there last update, however it was a bit buggy. Reducing the grenade weight to 0 solved these bugs.

Be wary of crafting Ozobs Nose, I discovered a base game bug where you need to craft one of them at a time first, then you can craft multiple.

Feel free to let me know what the balance is like. I can always tweak the numbers.


Q: I feel like this mod makes my game too easy, is that what it's doing?

A: Check out the mini-guide I posted at the top, just below the list of changes.

Q: I feel like this mod squishes builds and guns together.

A: It does, a little bit. However, the difference in builds was just so drastic before. Playing with Body and Intelligence was far different than with Reflexes and Cool, and not in a good way. But, let me know what you think, I listen to user feedback.

Q: Is this compatible with ...?

A: Almost definitely. Unless I say it's uncompatible, it's definitely probably compatible.


Incompatible with Realistic Combat Overhaul, we edit many of the same things. 

Compatible with Perks Overhaul W.I.P. You can change the load order by changing the folder name to aaaFull Weapon Rebalance or zzzFull Weapon Rebalance, depending on whose perk changes you want.

Compatible with Better Melee.


Extract and drop Full_Weapon_Rebalance.archive or Full_Weapon_Rebalance - Original_Melee.archive into archive/pc/mod
Drop Full Weapon Rebalance folders into \bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods


Remove Full_Weapon_Rebalance.archive or Full_Weapon_Rebalance - Original_Melee.archive from archive/pc/mod
Remove Full Weapon Rebalance folders from \bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods

Special thanks to rmk1234 on their tutorial of how to edit the archived files. Check out their profile for details.

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