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Lets you spawn anything from a list of over 16k objects. Can be used to create / build almost anything you want. Features include: Moving, cloning, grouping together, saving, creating favorites, creating custom categories for favorites, autospawning and much more.

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Important notice: Spawning vehicles crashes the game.


  • Spawn anything from a list of 16k+ objects (Game has no problem with 3k+ spawned objects)
  • Group up objects for easy managment and copy / paste, or to quickly create huge structures
  • Lets you easily create your own independent mod with spawned objects
  • Autospawn groups / objects to have them persistent in your game world
  • Make objects favorites, and organize them in custom categories (No group limit)
  • Save objects / groups to file, to easily spawn them anytime
  • No group limit (Groups inside groups ...)

  • Download and install CyberEngineTweaks
  • Download the mod
  • Extract the folder into your Cyberpunk 2077 folder (The one containing the /bin and /r6 folder)
  • File structure should be: "PATHTOCYBERPUNK\Cyberpunk2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\entSpawnerl\init.lua"
  • If installed using Vortex make sure to use "Hardlink Deployment" as deployment method

How to use:
  • The UI shows and hides with the CET Console, no hotkeys required
  • Images of the UI / Settings tabs can be found under this mods image section

"Spawn new" tab:
  • Use the "Search for object" input box to quickly find the object you want
  • Click on an objects name to spawn it, they will appear under the "Spawned" tab
  • Use the "Despawn" button next to an object to despawn the last object of that type that you spawned
  • Optional: Select a group from the dropdown to put the new object in there

"Spawned" tab:
  • Here you´ll find all currently spawned objects / groups
  • Use the "Search for object" input box to quickly find the object you are looking for
  • Use the "Add group" button to add a new empty group
  • Single objects have a blue outline, groups are green
  • Moving / Cloning a group applies for all its children
  • To move an object / group inside / out of a group select the target location from the dropdown next to the "Move to group" button
  • Hit the "Move to group" button to change the location to the selected path
  • Both single objects and groups can be saved by hitting the "Save to file" button
  • Use the "Fetch Apps" Button to get all appearances for an object (Often there are none)

"Saved" tab:
  • Here you´ll find everything you have saved (Objects are blue , Groups are green)
  • Use the "Search for data" input box to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Use the "Auto spawn" checkbox to enable auto spawning and change how close the player needs to be for it to autospawn
  • Autospawned objects / groups will appear under the "Spawned" tab, and will be marked as such
  • Use the "Spawn" button to spawn a group / object and the "Load" button to only load it to the "Saved" tab without spawning
  • Use the "TP to pos" button of an object / group to quickly teleport yourself to its position

"Favorites" tab:
  • To create a new favorite spawn an object and hit its "Make favorite" button under the "Spawned" tab
  • Use the "Search for favorite" input box to quickly find the favorite you need
  • Just like with the "Spawned" tab you can create groups and put favorites and other groups inside them

"External mods" tab:
  • All installed mods that have been created using the "Custom Objects Mod Template" from this mods page, and which have a proper info.json file will get displayed here
  • Use the checkbox in front of a mod to easily turn it on / off
  • This is fully optional, as mods created using the "Custom Objects Mod Template" also work without object spawner installed!

"Settings" tab:
  • Spawn new objects: Change whether new objects should spawn at the players position or in front
  • Position / Rotation controls step size: Change how fast the Position / Rotation sliders are
  • Collapsible headers default state: Change whether new objects / groups are collapsed or open by default
  • Show confirm to delete popup: Use this to reenable the delete popup if you´ve disabled it
  • Despawn everything on "Reload all mods": Change whether all active spawns should despawn if you reload all mods from the CET console
  • Cloned group options: Change wheter a cloned group gets put inside its original version or inside its parent
  • Export group option (For mod creators i guess): Enable an "Export" button on spawned groups to export them as a .json file to the /export folder, as a simple list containing all objects with their path, position and rotation
  • Experimental group rotation: Enable rotation controls for groups, only works in some cases, use at your own risk, might do it properly at some point
  • Appearance Fetching Tries: How many times the appearance gets changed to get a list of all its available appearances (Higher takes longer, but chance of getting ALL appearances is higher)

Create custom mod with exported groups / objects (Works independent):
  • Step 1: Export your creation:
  • Enable the "Export" option in the settings, load the object / group you want to export to the "spawned" tab and hit the "Export" button
  • Step 2: Import to the mod template:
  • Download "Custom Objects Mod Template" from this mods download page, and unzip it. 
  • Navigate all the way down to the "customObjectsMod" folder and rename it to whatever you want.
  • Drop the exported data from your "entSpawner/export" folder inside the now renamed "customObjectsMod/data" folder, you can use as many files as you want
  • Enter your mods name and your own name inside the "customObjectsMod/info.json" file
  • Navigate all the folders up to the /bin folder and send this to a zip, the structure of the zip should now be the same as the original template folder you downloaded
  • Step 3: Share with the world! <3 (Some sort of link / credit to the object spawner mod would be nice)

    Thanks to psiberx for GameUI.lua aswell as always helping,  Ming for the CPStyling lib, PerfNormBeast, WSSDude420, WopsS, yamashi and special thanks to sombra for making this mod possible in the first place. Also thanks to everyone on both modding servers <3