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Vehicle swap - replace your Arch Nazaré with Nimbus 2000 flying br00m in all color variants. Made new ride for my witch and want to share it. Ok, maybe not looks like a witch, but for sure she looks like a bitch.

Permissions and credits
Simply put my basegame_arch.archive file to yours ..\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder. Use Arch Nazaré, you should have it nearly by game beginning, from Jackie (poor Jackie).

Original (full) version, with wooden handle, is replacing Jackie's Arch. Another variants, in all other available colors, will spawn around NC as gang members bikes. Of course, you can use Object Appearance Changer to change the look of your own bike.

Credits for br00m model goes to @Alizée BOURBON  - Thanks a lot!

Credits for appearance changing during showcase video and on photos, goes to @camtino for Object Appearance Changer
Please note, Object Appearance Changer isn't included in my mod nor it is in either way part of my mod. I'm just using it all the time while playing the game and was use it for showcase.

Thanks to @AlvarixPT for Ciri Hair - this is not related with Nimbus 2000 mod nor I'm shipping it with mod, just want to say "Thank You" for hair I'm using while playing the game.

V's outfit isn't part of this mod as well, only broom bike is what you get this time.

Known issue: I wanted to hide back license plate, cause it is simply not fit with broom. Unfortunately, license plate mesh (3D model) isn't related with Arch bike, but it is global resource instead, i.e. all bikes are using it. By using this mod, all other bikes in the game will be without back license plate, but hey, this is the Cyberpunk - who cares for license plate.

Trolling FAQ
Q: Why did you degraded such a powerful bike with broom?
A: Because I can!

Q: Could you make it to fly higher?
A: No, I can't :( This is just a model replacement for something what exists in game.

Q: What would Keanu say if he see you replaced his bike with broom?
A: He would say: "My bike has a better design and aerodynamics" (true).