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CP77 Tools v1.3+ supporting wrapper script.
The script brings back the user input to the famous rfuzzo CP77 Tools mod WolvenKit.CLI.exe tool.
Now it waits for you to type commands as it was in previous versions instead of immediate quit.

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CP77 Tools v1.3+ supporting wrapper script.
The script rings back the user input to the famous rfuzzo CP77 Tools mod WolvenKit.CLI.exe tool:

In other words: now it waits for you to type commands as it was in previous versions instead of immediate quit.

Drop the extracted WolvenKit.CLI.cmd file next to the WolvenKit.CLI.exe
Then doubleclick  WolvenKit.CLI.cmd to use it as it was in earlier versions.
Once there you can create a Desktop shortcut or pin it to the Start menu or the Taskbar - whatever you like to access it more conveniently.

Where is the WolvenKit.CLI.exe?
Well probably in a subdirectory you extracted the CP77 Tools to.
And then you possibly moved it somewhere else.

If you don't know the exact location open your computer in the Windows Explorer window and type WolvenKit.CLI.exe in the window search box
(please note two dots in the file name. You may copy&paste the name too).
Once it finds it right click on the result and select Open file location to go to the subdirectory.
Drop the WolvenKit.CLI.cmd into this folder.
If the search returns more than one result and there is no typo in the search box it won't harm if you add the script to all of them.
If the multiple results were unexpected then well maybe it's time for a little spring cleaning ;-)

Update Jun 7 2021 morning:
Depending on a version and the distribution channel (the download and install method you chose) the CP77 Tools executable may be named Wolvenkit.CLI.exe or cp77tools.exe
The v1.1.3+ script version supports both names.
Your job is to find the CP77 Tools folder containing the right executable file and put the script there.
This means you may need to search for the alternate name if the first one fails to produce expected results.

Jun 15 2021:
The script is compatible with CP77 Tools 1.4.0 and higher.

Jun 28 2021:
The v1.2+ script version supports command autocomplete.