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This mod gives you the option to add Pride Flag bumper stickers to the Porsche: a worn bi flag for Johnny, and a variety of flags for V to choose from to accompany it.

Permissions and credits
Kicking off the month with a subtle touch of pride for our community: bumper stickers for the Porsche! I liked the idea of having something small and constant in-game as a celebration of my V's identity, so I took that and ran with it. This mod adds a worn bi pride flag bumper sticker to the back of the Porsche to represent Johnny, and then, optionally, has a variety of brand new pride flag bumper stickers to put next to it, to represent your V. V's new bumper stickers come in two varieties: rectangular flags or heart-shaped stickers which display two flags split down the middle.

I am just one modder, so despite my effort to be thorough, I have no doubt missed flags that represent some folks in our community. I have also, for sure, missed plenty of combinations of flags for the heart-shaped stickers. Doing every single combination would have been so overwhelming that the mod likely wouldn't have been published, so I decided to publish it with a large variety of combinations and leave the mod open to requests. If you don't see your flag or flag combo in the files, please read on to see if I might be able to accommodate your request!

I will gladly, definitely:
  • Do a custom combo heart sticker with a combination of flags that already appear as rectangular flags in the mod.
I will probably be willing to:
  • Add a rectangular flag for an identity not already represented here. 
  • Do a custom combo heart sticker incorporating a flag for an identity not already represented here.
I may be willing to:
  • Do a variation not discussed here.
I will not:
  • Add a straight pride or ally flag. 

And I feel like it should go without saying, but just in case, before we go on to the technicals: I will not tolerate any exclusionist, homophobic, transphobic, or anti-intersex commentary on this mod. I have my finger on the block button like it's a flyswatter, and I will not put up with nonsense. If you don't like the mod or don't understand why others would want it, it's super simple to just leave the page.

  • basegame_Porsche_JohnnyFlagOnly.archive - This adds just a worn bi pride flag sticker to the back of the Porsche.
  • basegame_Porsche_JohnnyFlag_[IDENTITY]Flag.archive - This adds a worn bi pride flag sticker and a brand new rectangular flag sticker for the indicated identity to the back of the Porsche.
  • basegame_Porsche_JohnnyFlag_Heart_[RIGHTIDENTITY]_[LEFTIDENTITY].archive - This adds a worn bi pride flag sticker and a brand new combination heart-shaped sticker for the indicated two identities to the back of the Porsche.

Rectangular Flags Currently Available: 

Heart Combos Currently Available:

  1. Pick which bumper sticker set you'd like. You can swap the files at any time without issues, but you can only have one version installed at once.
  2. Drop the appropriate .archive file into your mod folder. It should be located at Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod . If you don't have this folder, you can just go ahead and make one.
  3. Enjoy!

  1. Delete the .archive file from your mod folder.

  • These bumper stickers will conflict with any mod that edits the decal/sticker mesh for the hood of the Porsche. It uses a unique file name for the stickers, so it should be fine to use with mods that alter the stickers/decals elsewhere on the car. 


First, a huge credit and thank you to bubblebones for the idea to add Johnny's flag next to the ones I was making for V. Truly a brain blast, and it really makes the mod. <3

Thanks to rfuzzo for CP77 Tools, alphaZomega for the Noesis plugin, Halvkyrie for the modding guide, and just generally to everyone over in the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding discord for posting a whole bunch of fantastic tutorials and tips. 

I'd love to see your screenshots, with your Vs and their newly decorated bumpers, either shared here or, if you're posting them over on tumblr, please feel free to tag me!