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Play as any NPC while keeping the ability to swap your V!

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Player Replacer
Play as any NPCs while keeping the ability to swap your Vs! 
Work for both Female and Male Vs

This mod is mainly for content creators that want to tell stories with their screenshots, gifs and videos.
You won't be able to enjoy the FPP gameplay with this mod.

Works well with my Swap to Everyone AMM Addon !

🟨 How to use 🟨

Download the main mod PlayerReplacer and place it in your Mod Folder
Download one of the NPC to play as them and place it in your Mod Folder

Be sure to have the latest version of AMM! 
Once in game, go into the Tools tab of AMM and check "Invisible V" button
This will turn your First Person V invisible and they won't be clipping into the played NPC

Be warned
You WILL see floating stuff on your screen; That's the NPC's head, their eyes, teeth and hair. That's normal, don't freak out
Playing as a female NPC will make them large, even if you have a female V! Play with angles to take pretty pics

Tutorial on how to make your own Replacer if the NPC you want is not available yet!

🟨 Incoming Features 🟨

More available NPCs
I will be releasing more NPCs and Appearance to play as in the future! 

🟨 Known Issues 🟨

Wide Female NPCs
I'm not sure how to fix this yet!
Can't promise it will ever be fixed tho

Squished Male NPCs
Same as the Wide Female NPCs, this is something I don't know how to fix yet
And can't promise it will ever be fixed

CyberHands still visible
This is something we're working on with the AMM dev! 
Hopefully it'll be fixed Soonish

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