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This mod gives Rogue's Retrothrusters, a pair of hoverboots that prevent you from taking fall damage!

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Loved the Retrothrusters and wish you could keep them or even have obtained them way earlier? Search no more! This mod gives you a pair of fresh Retrothrusters in your inventory, allowing you new options to explore Night City!

If you've spawned the Retrothrusters yourself using console commands before, you will have noticed those pairs will either be unequipable once you've equiped them, or they will simply not show any graphics. This mod does not suffer from any of those problems!


This mod requires Cyber Engine Tweaks to be installed!


Vortex installation: the easiest way, it takes care of the file placement automatically.

Manual installation:

  • Copy the manually downloaded .zip file to your Cyberpunk2077 installation directory (should look something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077)
  • Right-click and extract here (you will need 7-zip or similar software that unpacks .zip files)
  • Done!


The Retrothrusters will automatically spawn in your inventory when you load a save (unless you already had Retrothrusters equipped or in your inventory).

The Retrothrusters are physical boots that you have to equip in your feet slot.


Fortified ankles (charge jump) and reinforced tendons (double jump) both work with this mod, the only thing retrothrusters do is break your fall by hovering right before you hit the ground when falling from fall-damage height!

The quality (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary) and the amount of mod slots and mods installed is currently up to RNG (luck). This mod just spawns one pair and the game gives it a random roll (rarity, mod slots / mods installed). I'll have a look in future version to see if I can add mod slots by default but for now you can reroll your boots by deleting them and reloading your save, since this mod spawns you a (random) pair if you don't have a pair equipped or in your inventory. You could also use a save editor to change rarity, mod slots / mods installed.


Super nice screenshots credit goes to the people over at cyberpunk404.net, preem work!