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Tweaks crafting ammo quantity popup to prevent you from crafting ammo over the inventory capacity limit.

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By default the game has capacity limits for different ammo types in your inventory (700 for rifles, 500 for handguns, 100 for shotguns and 100 for sniper rifles) but quantity picker in crafting menu does not take that into account and allows you to craft as many ammo as you could with all your crafting materials.

This mod adds a few tweaks to fix that:
  • Tweaks crafting ammo quantity popup to make it check how many ammo bundles you can craft before reaching the limit
  • Highlights ammo recipe with red when the limit is reached
  • Blocks furher ammo crafting when the limit is reached

Those tweaks are applied after each crafting request and each time when you open the menu so when you spend some ammo you will be able to craft it again.

You do not need this if you use flib's UI Improvements mod because it implements the same functionality.

How to install

  • Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder
  • Unpack the mod archive into the game folder

How to uninstall

  • Delete the Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\noExtraAmmoCrafting.reds file


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// Added methods
private func GetAmmoLimit_LHUD(id: TweakDBID) -> Int32

private func GetBulletAmmount_LHUD(id: TweakDBID) -> Int32 

private func GetAmmoCount_LHUD(id: TweakDBID) -> Int32

private func CanAmmoBeCrafted_LHUD(id: TweakDBID) -> Bool

// Replaced methods
public final const func GetMaxCraftingAmount(itemData: wref<gameItemData>) -> Int32 

public final const func CanItemBeCrafted(itemRecord: wref<Item_Record>) -> Bool

public final const func CanItemBeCrafted(itemData: wref<gameItemData>) -> Bool