Cyberpunk 2077
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A demonic character skin, complete with custom normal and specular maps.

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L i l i t h
Embrace the demon within.

Have you grown tired of your nature-born flesh and the metal wrought by man to replace it?
Inspired by image reconstructions of echoes from beyond the blackwall,
we bring to you Lilith - a skin unlike any other.

Complete with handpainted textures covering the entire body,
an optional package also features custom specular and normal maps.

This mod replaces Complexion 1, as well as Nipple 1.
Other complexions and nipple textures, as well as genitalia other than that of Female V will not work.
All skin tones are functional, and the textures should look good regardless of the tones you pick :)

The optional Specular/Roughness/Normal maps will affect other female NPCs. 
Some NPCs may use these body textures. Please understand that this is a limitation
of modding at the moment, and hopefully mods such as this will encourage the
development of tools to make the player character's textures unique.

Special Thanks

Ava, Kala and especially Nim on the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord
I wouldn't have accomplished any of this without your help and inspiration :3

Recommended Additional Mods:

Halvkyrie's Morph Texture Removal - Improves the fidelity of facial textures
Avallonkao's Unique Judy/Panam Textures - Prevents Judy/Panam from absorbing demonic energy from V

Thanks for checking out my mod! I hope you love it to death </3
 - samaxis