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Replaces vanilla Judy's complexion, makeup and eyebrows with my custom quality edits

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Vanilla Judy:


What this mod does:

○ Improves quality of Judy's complexion to 4k
○ Edits skin textures (adds better freckles, realistic lips etc)
○ Edits normal maps (some of the wrinkles are gone, maps are cleaner and smoother)
○ Improves makeup quality and edits eyeliner
○ Edits eyebrows and eyebrow map

Both makeup and no-makeup complexions are edited

At the moment there are 2 variants available, one is original and the other is cleaned (no additional freckles)


Drop the .archive file into the mod folder

\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

If the mod folder doesn't exist, create it


Please add your images! :D

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