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Choose your look! Adds ambient lighting and adjusts exposure/colors to create a more immersive scene. The world's alive.

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What It Does:
  1. Adds extra ambient lighting to enhance light sources from the scene.
  2. Adjusts shadows and highlights to create more authentic looking lighting while not making anything too dark or too bright.
  3. Adjusts the color temperature so that colors are better represented to your taste.
  4. Adds slight sharpening to enhance small details in textures without creating artifacts.

Street Kid TLDR:
  1. Lights be fire.
  2. Shadows ain't washed out. You ain't blind.
  3. Tune colors to the mood you reppin.
  4. Them details tho.

  • Endorse this mod and share it if you like it!
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  • Let me know if there's anything you think I can try to improve. :)

PRESET PACK - 12 Total Presets To Find Your Look:
  • Normal Sharpening
  1. Subtle - Balanced
  2. Subtle - Cold
  3. Subtle - Warm
  4. Extra - Balanced
  5. Extra - Cold
  6. Extra - Warm
  • Less Sharpened Versions
  1. Subtle - Balanced - Less Sharp
  2. Subtle - Cold - Less Sharp
  3. Subtle - Warm - Less Sharp
  4. Extra - Balanced - Less Sharp
  5. Extra - Cold - Less Sharp
  6. Extra - Warm - Less Sharp

Older pictures that are labeled before/after are of the Normal preset of version 1.0. This is closest to Subtle - Balanced.

  • Low performance impact of 0-5 FPS by only using 3 effects.

Effects Used:
  • AmbientLight [AmbientLight.fx]
  • Lightroom [qUINT_lightroom.fx]
  • AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening [CAS.fx]

How To Install:
  1. Install Reshade from their website [] on to your game [Cyberpunk 2077/bin/x64/Cyberpunk2077.exe]
  2. During the install, make sure you install all 3 effects used, or you can just install ALL the shaders/effects to ensure you don't miss any.
  3. Put the folder of the ini files that I made into the same directory as your Cyberpunk2077.exe or wherever (as long as you can find it in Reshade).
  4. Launch the game and open Reshade (default key is the Home button).
  5. Select the folder from the drop down at the top. Choose a preset, hit select to activate it.
  6. Confirm that the 3 effects are checked. A check mark means they're activated.
  7. Try out the different presets to find which one fits your monitor and your personal taste.
  8. Once you've decided, check the box to enable "Performance Mode". You can always change presets whenever you want.
  9. DONE! You're all set up and ready to smile. :D

Recommended In Game Settings:

  • Adjust Your Gamma To Correct Brightness
  • Disable Film Grain
  • Disable Chromatic Abberation
  • If using DLSS: set it to Quality

If you just want to use my preset as a starting point you can uncheck performance mode and adjust any of the settings for each effect to your liking or even add other effects that work for your tastes.