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Fix for invisible katana flying glitch.

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Fix for invisible katana flying glitch.

This script corrects invisible katana flying / gravity defying glitch when looking up and fast attacking.

It does not prevent switching to invisible weapons (hope CDPR can fix that someday), but restricts the magic carpet ride upwards while attacking with invisible katana.

Installation: extract archive to game folder.

Dependencies: redscript mod

How it works: Modifies MeleeTransition.AddAttackImpulse() function to skip player movement impulse when attacking with invisible weapon (attackData.attackSpeed == 0.00) while player is above the ground.
Result: This results in a short upward jump and then gravity takes player back to the ground instead of flying like a helium filled balloon while smashing that fast attack button like crazy.

Why fixing a glitch / bug with mod?
  • I'd rather help fixing those small bugs that can be corrected with script mod than complain about the game quality.
  • I hope we will see DLCs and game expansions rather sooner than later when more of those glitches are fixed faster.
  • Learning how those scripts and game mechanics work so I can create a bigger mod later on.
  • As a token of gratitude for this awesome game - thank you CDPR team!
  • I like this game and don't mind the early access release with some rough edges that are being polished based on player community feedback (agile development already started and modding is one of feedback loops).

  • CD Projekt RED team - thanks for awesome game and for supporting mods.
  • Jac3km4 - thanks for the redscript mod
  • AdamSmasher - thanks for the scripts sources

Have fun Choombas