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This mod changes M&F V face to look Reptilian or Cheetah.
More Packages for other changes coming soon
Optional File for Judy to keep her own Skin!

Permissions and credits
This is my Reptilian and Cheetah Packages I have been working on.  I am self taught, so it was a great feeling to see the way they turned out.

Reptilian Male and Female files can be used together at the same time if you want, they don't conflict.
Do not try to use Cheetah Mod and Reptilian Mod together, they will conflict.  They will also conflict with other mods that change the face skin and body skin and arm skin.

Almost all the mods i am using in my pictures outside of just the skin can be found in the links of my stuff below.  I am using my reptile eyes but with my new eye gradient mod, so if you like the image pics, download that. the brows are my mod the scar is my mod, the v lipstick thing is my mod

PLEASE UPLOAD PICTURES!! It would make me so happy!

This can cause other NPC's in game to have a reptilian head or Cheetah head and body. You can use THIS mod to change Judy's skin so she doesn't look like a Cheetah or use the file in the Optional Files to give Judy Unique skin so she doesn't look like V Thank you Ava!

Realize that I am not perfect and neither will this mod be, but if you enjoy
screen archery, then it wont matter toooo much lol.

Some of these mods uses parts of Ava's 4k Skin for Female V, ty Ava for permission!
Thank you so much иᶦო for all the help with this project making the tail and allowing me to add textures and thank you to Inuktiplater for the Cat tail idea and files!!!



Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod

OR rename your patch folder to “mod”

if you don’t have a Mod folder just right click and create new folder and name it  mod  and put the file inside it 

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Tyvm to all my friends who support me and also to the CP2077Tools!
Also ty to the people here who have helped give me ideas and have been so
nice! I look forward to checking nexus every day to see your comments
and uploaded images, especially with the world as it is.  You are all
amazing and I am lucky to have met you all!