Cyberpunk 2077
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Play any Audio file in CET or using our API in your mod!

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CET Library that calls an external program that will play any audio file from a given file path or your mod path. The exe is launched at CET boot.

!!! This mod is a library that other mod can use. It doesn't work alone. !!!
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In collaboration with MaximiliumM from Appearance Menu Mod
(Check out his amazing mod!)

Example code:
´╗┐SoundManager = GetMod("000sound_mod")
yourMod.soundpath = "yourMod\sounds"
SoundManager.PlaySound("mySound", yourMod.soundpath, "sound",volume) //volume is between 0 and 100
SoundManager.SetSoundSettingValue(volumTag,value) //volumTag can be : MasterVolume/SfxVolume/DialogueVolume/MusicVolume/CarRadioVolume
SoundManager.GetSoundSettingValue(volumTag) //volumTag can be : MasterVolume/SfxVolume/DialogueVolume/MusicVolume/CarRadioVolume

There are 3 channels available:

You can only play one sound in each channel. For example, if you try playing Sound A while Sound B is already playing in "music" channel, it won't play. 
Three sounds can be played at the same time if you use different channels for each sound.

For music channel only : Game setting MusicVolume and CarRadioVolume will be setted at 0 (mute) when playing/resume then restored at previous value when pause or stop


Thanks and we hope you enjoy this little hacky thing ;D ! 

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