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Removes garbage, clutter, and dirt from Kerry's mansion!

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Someone has tidied Kerry's mansion! Was it V? Was it Kerry himself? Did he hire a housekeeper? Who knows, but it's so much cozier now!

Along with cleaning, I've also decorated a bit! I've also left a little bit of clutter to make the place seem lived in. I haven't figured out how to remove the graffiti, so I scattered some spray paint cans around to add a bit of immersion.

There is one MAIN FILE and one OPTIONAL FILE, with more optional extras to be added later as I make them.

To install, download the files that you want and place each .archive inside Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod. If you don't have a mod folder, you can make it yourself.


Update: Apparently the load order of the mods was hiding a bunch of the items in the sex toys pack. This can be fixed by renaming the file to basegame_OKH_Sex_Toys_pack.archive (or something else that comes before the main file in alphabetical order).

As this mod affects over 200 items that appear throughout the world, I would recommend removing it from the game during normal play. In particular, it might affect the main quest Disasterpiece, as two items that need to be scanned during the braindance are among the models I've made invisible.

Also, I’m making this mod OPEN SOURCE! I give my permission to alter or build on the mod, as long as you credit me! If there’s more stuff you wanna hide, or an item you wanna add, or something you wanna restore, or if you just wanna unpack it to see where I found a particular mesh, go right ahead!! You can check the permissions above for more information.

So have at it!!