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Gives alternate face and hair options for Judy. Compatible with my Judy alternate clothes mod!

Permissions and credits
Multiple hair/face options for Judy.  Please see image gallery for details.  Descriptions in the downloads section.


  • Vortex Compatible (post Patch 1.2)
  • Otherwise: place desired .archive files into the folder: Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

  • For simplicity in mod page organization, all hair style colors are archived together!!!
  • So if using Vortex, be sure to delete the unwanted color options from your "MOD" directory.


  • Please list any requests in "Requests" under the "Bugs" tab.
  • No promises I can get to any though, there's a lot of projects and options to sift through.
  • Honestly, most of the compatible heads have been applied (ie: certain models just won't work with Judy).
  • Other head models are either incompatible (due to skin textures) or excluded (due to skeleton deformities or similarity to other models).


  • BALD SIDES on casual/panty model: this is a Patch 1.2 bug.  Please try the Judy's Hair Fix mod!
  • Affects V-Style 22 (which is Judy's hair): working on a patch for this, but that means Style 22 becomes whatever you download.
  • Will have to create a separate replacer for the Judy style to override one of the other redundant hairstyles in the character creator.
  • Some hair models will have partial clipping issues with certain head models.  The UNCAPPED and BUZZCAP files may address this.
  • Any outfits with hats will also clip with hair models.
  • The few face types that aren't default skin tone may have texture inconsistencies with my clothes mods.
  • The tattoos and neckline might have some seams.  There is a PATCH to remove tattoos in Optional Files (thanks to xRaq's mod)
  • Chrome model has a static face bug.  Alternate version now available that animated properly.

My Other Mods:


  • flameshaow for help with learning mesh and hex edits
  • woodbricks for help understanding texture edits
  • skyrimsasuke for helping me figure out the face meshes and rigs
  • xRaq for Judy Tattoo Removal
  • grindera1985 for hair fix help
  • Hineytroll/599Rider for texture work advice
  • Discord page ("N'M" and "Halvkyrie" in particular) for helping me bugfix