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A complete departure from my previous mods, but one I think many people will appreciate!

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Introducing ...
The Porsche 911 Turbo II "Outrun" Special Edition

Credit to Laitnis/BlackHoot for the Custom Color + Decals! Link to the sources Here and Here!!

The sun has just finished rising above the horizon. The desert road stretches ever onwards ahead of you, cresting the horizon as mountains flank the distant edges. A crackly golden oldie plays softly and indistinctly from the door speakers. To your right, you hear a noise. From your peripherals, you see your girlfriend stretch, and yawn cutely as she sits up in the passenger seat next to you. She blinks sleepily through a grin as she sees the smile form on your own face. You glance over at her, and see that sparkle in her eyes that had almost become the norm every since you left Night City together. 

“Mornin’, mi calabacita,” she mumbles through a yawn.

You take your right hand off the gearshift and place it onto her upper thigh, and she smiles again as she pulls your hand up and kisses it. Then you share a look, and she guides your hand up towards the dome light, where the switch for the roof controls waits to be pressed. You flick it back. The windows drop, and the retrofitted soft top begins to retract on motorized hinges, unaffected by the rush of morning air now buffeting the cabin, sending your hair flying back and briefly stinging your eyes. Your output gasps happily as she reaches up to catch her hair and stop it from flying in her face, and you feel her grasp your hand tighter as she laughs. You can’t help but smile as you guide both of your hands onto the gear lever, and you lock eyes for a moment. She gives you a nod, as if to say, “do it.”

You push in the clutch, drop it down a gear, and feel the little convertible lunge forward with a renewed burst of acceleration as the exhaust crackles and burbles in time with the low, gravelly moan of the flat-six turbo. The wind whips through your hair, your girlfriend’s laugh rings in your ears, and at long last ... you feel at home. 


This vehicle was inspired by this piece of fanart I found while browsing Reddit!