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Makes netrunner gameplay more difficult by preventing quickhacks until a network is breached.

Permissions and credits
This is a mod I have wanted ever since the game was first released. The hacking system in the 2018 gameplay reveal looked incredibly deep, so I was disappointed when I realized that the hacking in the release version amounted to watchdogs-style quickhacks and hacking access points for money. This mod attempts to add a bit more depth and challenge to the netrunner playstyle (and it even works most of the time!).

I highly recommend combining this mod with Scissors' Breach Takedown mod. It greatly improves the experience of physically hacking enemies.

Core Changes
To use most quickhacks on a device or enemy (on a secure network), the network must first be breached. There are two primary ways to do this. The first is to find an access point, either a typical router panel or a "backdoor" access point (e.g. a forklift or a vending machine that has its network port exposed). Jacking into an access point and uploading at least one daemon will unlock the network, in addition to the daemons' normal effects.

The second way to breach a network is through an enemy. If you can knock out an enemy, you can breach them using your cyberdeck (through the quickhack menu). Be careful not to kill them, as this will cause their cyberware to disconnect from the network.

Your Ping, Distract Enemies, and Whistle quickhacks (optionally) do not require a breached network. These can be used to locate and reach access points or enemies while remaining undetected.

Some networks do not contain an access point, and as such are not secured. Devices and enemies on these networks are automatically vulnerable to all of your quickhacks. (This can be disabled in the config.)

Some enemies are not on a network at all. On these enemies, quickhacks are automatically unlocked, but breach protocol is not possible. (This is a vanilla mechanic.)

Customizable Unlock Conditions
There are now fully configurable options for when certain types of quickhacks will be available on an unbreached network.

By default, the quality of your cyberdeck will allow you to upload certain quickhacks before breaching a network. Each quality tier gains new capabilities. This feature can be fully customized or disabled in the config.
  • Common - No quickhacks on unbreached networks (except Ping/Distract Enemies/Whistle, as configured)
  • Uncommon - Unlocks control of basic devices (no cameras or turrets)
  • Rare - Unlocks control of cameras and turrets
  • Epic - Unlocks non-ultimate quickhacks on NPCs
  • Legendary - Unlocks ultimate quickhacks on NPCs, as well as Breach Protocol on all NPCs and devices

Optional Changes
This mod provides several additional features that can be individually configured:
  • Allowing breach protocol on active and/or unconscious NPCs, each with a configurable maximum distance
  • Allowing breach protocol on all devices (not recommended, removes basically any challenge that the mod adds, but the option is there if you want it)
  • Permanently remove "disable/enable" quickhacks on cameras and/or turrets, even on breached networks (gives more importance to Big Sleep and Turret Shutdown daemons)
  • Always unlock Ping/Distract Enemies/Whistle, even on unbreached networks (individually togglable)
  • Set networks with no access points as secured (i.e. prevent automatically unlocking quickhacks if there are no access points, just like this mod used to do before version 0.5)
  • Allow all daemons on access points (enables all breach protocol daemons when physically jacking into access points, very buggy)
  • Disable Datamine V1 and V2 daemons (mainly for people enabling the above option, to reduce clutter in the list of daemons)

Extract the "bin" and "r6" directories into your Cyberpunk 2077 game installation folder. This mod requires redscript.
Alternatively, install with Vortex (I haven't tried this myself but it should work just fine).

For easy configuration, install Native Settings UI (allows you to configure this mod through an in-game menu). Native Settings UI requires Cyber Engine Tweaks.

Delete the folder named "BetterNetrunning" under both "bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods" and "r6/scripts". Then, delete the "modded" folder under "r6/cache" (this will clear any lingering code from redscript mods, which will be recompiled the next time you run the game).

Editing the Config File (not necessary if using Native Settings UI)
Navigate to "r6/scripts/BetterNetrunning" and open "config.reds" with the text editor of your choice. This file contains a set of options that you can configure by changing the value after "return" for each option.